I Won’t Toss Salt, Kiss It Up, Or Pray

I was going to blog the other day, but I was having some problems so I wasn’t able to. So I’m finally able to blog and I’m going to do it.

First thing, when it comes to website updates I’ve added some “new” pages:
Photographs: With Musicians
Photographs: Cosplay
Photographs: Outfits
Photographs: Me

When you look at it, it’s really not a lot of pages, but it was a lot of work. Thanks to Jamie [LINK] all the images on those pages you can click the thumbnails to view the image in a larger size! ^_^ I was having problems with everything not working like it should and she was nice enough to give me a hand and figure it out.

I’ve been sick all this week with a stupid cold. A cold that I got from my niece. Ugh. It’s really just a runny nose and sore throat right now – but it has messed with my ears a little bit. I’m ready for it to be over with already.



Last week my older brother and I decorated the playhouse my niece has here. We even put a small Christmas tree up in the playhouse. Considering we decorated it in the dark I think it looks pretty good.


We finally put the stockings up in the house too. Yes the Superman stocking is mine. I noticed when I was putting some stuff in my stocking that it’s starting to come apart, so after the holidays this year I’ll be looking for a new stocking.

This week since I’ve been sick I haven’t been working on things like I should. I do have a package for a friend ready to be dropping in the mail tomorrow – it’s full of her Christmas gifts. I was trying to hold off until I got a few more things finished, but I figured I can always mail them later.

The other day I did sew a little bit. I was able to get the basic part of these new items done, I still need to press them and do the top stitching.

Right now I’m in the middle of cutting out a gift for my niece. Since she’s getting baby dolls, baby doll clothes and my mom is making her baby doll diapers – I’m making her a baby doll diaper bag. Depending on how long it takes me to put it together and how well it turns out, I may make at least one to put in my shop. I mean, every kid who has baby dolls needs something to carry what their baby doll needs!

I’m using a heavy fabric I was holding onto to make myself a new messenger bag, I faced the fact that I’ll never get that messenger bag finished so I’m just going to use the fabric for this. It does have birds and flowers on it at least.

I have like 1/4 of the squares I need for the baby doll quilt. Ugh. I sat and measured it out and due to the size of the squares, I’m going to need 100 squares – 50 solid colored and 50 patterned. >_< At least I have the fabric for the little pillow and the fabric for the backside of the quilt picked out! Haha! I found a star & moon fabric I’m using for the backside of the quilt, it’s super cute fabric too. I wish I had more.

I also have to make a pillow for a family friend’s son. The front of the pillow has dinosaurs on it – he’ll be three Saturday and loves dinosaurs.

His mom just had another baby two days before Thanksgiving. So I’m lost when it comes to making something for the baby. I was thinking about making a tag blanket, but he’s really not even that old for one. I may end up having to buy him something.

Another thing I’m going to be working on as soon as I get Christmas gifts finished, I’m going to be making microwave heat bags. I know I’ve talked about them before, but I finally bought the rice I needed – Sorry, I wasn’t going to use the rice I had in the house because well I could eat rice for every meal. ^_^ I bought over a pound of rice for around $1.50. Oddly enough I bought couscous, and two pre-packaged Indian dinners at the same store.

These rice bags can be put in the freezer too, which I never realized until my mom said something about it. The first couple I’m going to make are just going to be a basic square, then I’m going to make a couple that would work better to lay on your head.

I haven’t started making them yet because I’ve kind of made a huge mess of where we keep the fabric. =_= My goal is to go through the fabric after Christmas and get it cleaned up – plus I’m sure there’s bits of fabric that I really can’t use for anything.

When I go through the fabric I’ll be pulling fabric for my next Lolita style cosplay! ^_^ The next one will be a Lolita version of Little Red Riding Hood – it will fall under Punk Lolita. Which well, since I’m a punk at heart I’m super excited to bring plaid into the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. ^_^

Since it’s been so cold – and I’ve been sick – I’ve been craving soup.

Veggie And Rice Soup

So I made Veggie and Rice Soup [LINK]. I made so much that’s all I ate for two days. But it was so worth it. I would have put more veggies in the soup, but I already had carrots cut up and I really didn’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Today while I was out I found “naked” fake chicken. It’s kind of hard to find fake chicken without some kind of breading on it. So I felt lucky when I found some. I’m going to make some curry spiced (fake) chicken to go with my couscous. It was a recipe idea I got last night while I was in bed. I want to try it out before I make it for Jason – he’s never had couscous so I was trying to think of a nice meal I could make with couscous. So I’m going to make the curry spiced “chicken” with a veggie couscous. I never cook my couscous in straight water, I always use a veggie stock.

Well I need to finish cutting out the lining for this baby doll bag, take some pictures of new things for esty, and post some pictures from today.


Blog Title: Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell by Mischief Brew

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  1. I’m glad I could help with something that I actually knew! What I don’t know – I look up, and when that fails I turn to Georgie for backup.

    What is Couscous? I’ve heard of it before, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. Sometimes I want to go vegan, but I don’t think I can withdraw from my meat like chicken. I love chicken. I know I must be a murderer cause I love land critters. Ah well – everyone’s different.

    I’m shocked that you’re able to sew all those neat things. I can’t wait until I start my own shop with my crafts! I’m so looking forward to the new year – as that will be my year to create things and what not. I already created a Christmas poem. Anyway, I’m glad that I was able to help you out.

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