I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper

Tank Girl

I’m back from con! Well I’ve been back since Sunday night, but I put off writing until I knew I had the time to sit still and finish it all in one shot.

So we left Friday morning for Toledo. I think it was around 9am when we left the area. It’s around a four hour trip to Toledo, so it’s a lot of chance to fall asleep. Haha.


This is a big church in Cleveland. I’ve always missed getting a good shot of it because there’s always something in the way. This time though I was ready before we got to the church and I got the shot! ^_^

Lake Erie

Here’s a picture of Lake Erie. For a good portion of the trip you are totally around water – which I’ve learned I enjoy being around water.

Rainbow Bridge

This is the rainbow bridge. Okay, I’m sure it’s not called the rainbow bridge.

The hotel we stayed at was kind of scary. Walking into the room for the first time the room  had an odd smell. There was a hole in one of the blankets and we think a blood stain on another. One of the lights wasn’t even plugged in. And at night you can to use a back door to go into the lobby – where the vending machines were.

Saturday morning was the day we were going to con. Before we got to the venue we all figured out it was better to just go one day – which I was fine with since it meant saving $10.

Tank Girl and Belle

This has to be the best picture to come from the con. I’m not a girlie girl or even close to it, but I became a child when I seen someone cosplaying Belle from Beauty And The Beast. ^_^ Also you can see my cosplay a little better in this picture. The total I spent on my cosplay was $15.

And here are some random pictures…

Glass City Con

Glass City Con

Glass City Con

Glass City Con

I didn’t get as many pictures as I hoped. What can I say, I’m still dealing with my super shyness. But I did talk to a couple people – which is a huge improvement for me.

This was only my second convention, so I don’t have much to compare it to but it was so much fun. I could honestly go to any con and just sit and watch everyone – but that’s what I even do at the mall. I enjoy people watching.

I couldn’t resist buying nothing. ^_^

SPN Button

SPN Button

SPN Button

Yep. I bought myself three new Supernatural buttons! ^_^ I was sad they didn’t have any that were image based, but I think these are just as great. I really hope to see the people who made these at more cons because I will buy more.

I bought something else too…

Clockwork Orange

I found a guy selling posters and prints. At first I was going to buy a huge Supernatural poster. I realized I didn’t have a place to hang it up, so it would have been stupid to buy it. So I stood and looked through the 10×14 prints he had. They were Supernatural ones but I didn’t really like any of them. While looking I came across a section of Clockwork Orange prints. I wanted to buy all of them, but to keep myself from going crazy I only took $40 into the con. So in the end I ended up buying this one. It even came in one of those hard plastic sleeves for free. I am going to look for a picture frame sometime soon. ^_^

After con we went back to the hotel room. We were hungry so we walked across the street to Subway. While standing in line we noticed one of the workers had a headset on – like one from a fast food place. This Subway had a drive-thru! Which still seems kind of odd.

Sunday afternoon was the last bit we were in town. So we checked out of the hotel and went to get food. I didn’t eat. I just wasn’t feeling too awesome.

To end the time in the area we went to Pearson Metropark [link]. It’s a great area to visit!

Pearson Metropark

Pearson Metropark

Pearson Metropark

Pearson Metropark

Pearson Metropark

I really wish we would have been able to stay longer. I was enjoying the fresh air and being outdoors. There were so many pretty things growing.

Lake Erie

As we were on our way home the weather did take a turn.

Since I’ve been home I have been seriously thinking about my next two cosplays. One of them I’m going to need some feedback on.

The one I’m talking about is Poison Ivy. Now in the comic and in the film the outfits are different (as happens all the time). I was just wondering if you seen someone in a green one piece with ivy hanging was bracelets and a necklace would you know who it was? (I will also have green tights and a red wig) I’m just wondering if I should cover the whole one piece in leaves or not.

The other cosplay I’m putting together is Alex (Clockwork Orange). ^_^ I’m going to a big yard sale this weekend so I’m going to look for the pants – white pants are hard to find for some reason.

The one thing I was waiting to do when I got home was cook real food!

Eggplant Parm

I made some wonderful eggplant parm! I had enough leftovers that I was able to freeze some of it. So I’ll have something super quick to warm up.


I made these for an afternoon snack. Super simple and easy to do. All you need is a zucchini (or two) of your choice. Cut it however you please. Place some garlic powder, onion powder and parm in a bowl and toss the zucchini in it.

Sunday when I got home the first thing my mom said was that the wifi wasn’t working. So I grabbed my tablet and seen it connected just fine. Well since my mom and I have older computers without wifi built in we have adapters. Neither of them were working! After messing with it Sunday night and Monday morning we reset the wifi – three times – to get them to finally work. >_< I’m considering saving some money to get a better adapter now. But the wifi has been working fine on both computers now.



Blog Title: I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper by Erika Eigen


  1. I’m so happy/elated really, that you had a great time at your first Con. I went to my first Con this year and had a blast too. I bought a lot of things and walked for hours and developed blisters, but it was worth it. Seriously!

    Your cosplay is awesome! Yes, I love Beauty and The Beast as well <3 Good luck on your new cosplay. It gets addicting after awhile. Hahahaha

    Awesome food pictures!

    Also, you're right. Thanks for being there for me. I appreciate it! You bet, I'll drop a line for sure ^.^

  2. Welcome back from con! Hope you enjoyed all of the venues and people’s costumes there :D. The hotel sounds scary :o… And a bit dirty with the blood stains and everything :I. That’s not sanitary. You totally rocked your outfit :D. Everything seems just right. Belle’s outfit looks really cutesy :3.

    I have never heard of a drive-thru subway before! Poison Ivy is kind of a classic, so I would assume people would know who it is. Especially if it’s the right outfit.

    You should be called Chef Christa! It even fits in nicely! The zucchini sounds delicious :3. Hopefully the internet is working now!

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