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I didn’t really have plans for Halloween, I had to work anyways. But as I said over the past few posts I did make my niece her Halloween costume – my mom did sew the cape since I didn’t have time with working.

She was little red riding hood…and yes she has a pig in her basket. That pig is named Piggy…and I think you can tell in the picture he’s been sewn a few times.

It did rain on Halloween so I don’t think she enjoyed trick or treating this year. By the time I got off work & went to my brother’s trick or treating was pretty much over.

Date Night

On the 1st, after work, Edward came down and we went to see John Wick. Oh and we had dinner.

Asian Salad

I had an Asian themed salad – I’m already working on my own recipe to make it at home. ^_^

We went to the big movie theater in Canton, it has super nice seats. And while the previews were going on I was having a hard time staying awake since I worked that afternoon.

To my surprise I really liked John Wick. I was thinking I wouldn’t, but like I told Edward it had elements that reminded me of The Crow.


My $5 dress, which I love. Since it’s sleeveless I wore a red crop cardigan over it.


As far as work goes, it’s been okay. I’ve had a couple issues, but I think I’m doing pretty good considering my anxiety issues. I do like working the 4pm to 10pm shift the most.

That shift doesn’t seem as busy, when it does get busy that shoots my anxiety through the roof and I make mistakes..and I do hate making mistakes. It’s also more easy going compared to other shifts. We still work but…it just feels different.

Lately I’ve been working the same schedule. Which makes it easy when it comes to sleeping. I work 4pm to 10pm Tuesday, 4pm to 10pm Thursday, noon to 6pm Friday, 11am to 5pm Saturday and 4pm to 10pm Sunday.

For the most part everyone is easy to work with too. Sometimes though there’s a lot of people in the front and it freaks me out a little bit.


I have been shopping…and the last two weeks it has been for myself. I think I’m allowed since I have that layaway I’m taking the next two checks to pay off.

Sunday before work I did a bit of shopping. I mostly bought food, but I did buy something that made me super excited:

Hair Dye

HAIR DYE!!! I finally found the red color I usually dye my hair so I bought it and stayed up last night dying my hair. So worth it! Since I wear a hat at work I just have to make sure all my hair is under my hat and no issues.


I also signed up for a subscription box. I found one called Splendies [link] that sends you 3 (nice) pair of panties every month. I received my first package from them today!


They do have an option to receive a subscription where you do not get thongs, there’s an additional charge – I think $2 – for that subscription. My thought is, I’m sure I can find someone to give the thongs to.

I am very pleased with the panties that were in the package. They are not cheap panties like you would think you would get. I have enough cheap panties because that’s all I buy – I know that sounds sad but I don’t really enjoy spending $10 on one pair.

Angry, Young & Poor

While I was doing some online shopping I finally placed an order through Angry Young And Poor [link]. It’s not a new site to me, it’s just been the first time where I had some money to blow on myself.


I ordered myself a nice Anarchy t-shirt, black back seam stockings and a ‘real men don’t rape’ patch.

I tried to order another package from them this past week, but I kept getting an error because of the card I was trying to use. So I have everything saved and I’m going to order some more this coming pay. ^_^

Blog Title: I Hate Danger by Bikini Kill

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  1. Well isn’t Little Miss Red Riding Hood a doll, huh? So adorable, I love her little outfit, and Piggy too 😀 That’s a super bummer about rain on Halloween, though. I remember being a small child and going out in the rain or drizzly weather, and it was definitely not the most fun I’ve ever had. But we made the most of it… back then (I feel so old saying that, haha) we went out without our parents right next to us in one particular neighborhood. You probably can’t do that nowadays considering the type of people creeping around 🙁 At any rate, I hope she got lots of candy and had fun even if it did rain!

    Date night sounds like it was fun, that salad looks delish, too! Also, your HAIR OMG! It looks so vibrant, I love the colors you use whenever you dye your hair. The color reminds me of a mix between the orange and the red I’ve used separately, but yeah. I use Special Effects for my dye. Always really bright colors, though 🙂

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