I play a game it’s called insincerity

New look! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve put up a whole new look to this place, it was time for it. I’m seriously enjoying this new look though and I figure I’ll be changing the header image every week or so – depending on how many pictures I take during a week. ^_^

The image that is the header right now is one I took during my niece’s birthday party. She turned 4 on the 22nd, but we had her party on the 23rd. I was suppose to make her cake…ugh.

I did make her cake, but shortly before it was time to leave the cake fell over. >_< In the end I ended up spending $12.99 on a cake. She was disappointed over the whole cake situation...and I was too.

New wig!

I have a new wig! This one is a mid-length brown wig. So far I’m enjoying this one. I’m also looking for another wig, I’m looking for something shorter and maybe curly.

Me Without A Wig

This is my new “profile” pictures for this site (as well as facebook and twitter).

Cake Pans, Knife & Wok

Last week I also went to Kitchen Collection in out mall and spent a little too much money. I bought a set of 3 springform cake pans – I’ve always wanted one but never bought one. The set was $10 so I really couldn’t pass that deal up. I also bought just a regular 8-inch cake pan, which I needed. A new wok was also on my list of things I bought. The wok I got for Christmas someone used it and ruined it. The last thing I bought was a ceramic knife. I’ve seen a lot of people using them, so after I talked with the lady who works there I broke down and bought one.

I have used my ceramic knife and…I personally don’t like it. I think it’s an issue with the weight of it. I know that sounds super weird, but compared to the knives I normally used I can tell there’s a weight difference. My mom has used it as well and she loves it. So either way it will get used.

White Quinoa

On this same shopping trip I bought a bag of white quinoa. I had quinoa for the first time a few years ago and loved it. It isn’t the cheapest thing to like though, so when I seen this bag I just broke down and bought it. I’ve already used some of it when I made quinoa & back bean stuffed zucchini – so yummy! Since I have tomorrow off I’m going to spend tonight looking up something to make with quinoa tomorrow. ^_^

Titanic Ice Cube Tray

My Titanic ice cube tray came in the mail too. Okay I know it’s kind of sick and disgusting to have ice cubes of the Titanic that sink in your drink. But I have this weird obsession with the ocean liner and I have since I was in 3rd grade. I have loads of books and such about the ship. I’m also planning on a tattoo that’s a little dedication to the ship. I can’t explain why I’m obsessed with it honestly.

Bat Charm

I’ve been getting a lot of the Origami Owl charms I’ve ordered over the past few weeks. This one is just a simple bat.

Origami Owl Charms!

This is the load of charms I got in the mail today! ^_^ My locket is so full I have to change out what I want in the locket when I wear it. Tomorrow I’m going to take a picture of all the charms I have so I can share. It’s just so much fun having this locket…and buying charms is do addictive.

Splendies Package

My Splendies package came too! This month I got four pair instead of three because of how much I talk about them in social media. ^_^ I’m in love with the white pair though, they’re so cute!

Stinky has a new tie!

Stinky also has a new tie! I know this picture is horrible but I took it with my phone. I’m hoping to get him outside tomorrow and get a better picture of him wearing it.

Before A Storm

Tuesday night when my mom and I were on our way home I took this picture. It was shortly before storms started…and we had no power for 13 hours.

Yes, no power for 13 hours only due to one major line being down. The good thing was Wednesday I went with my mom to Cleveland since she had to go to the doctor.

Pictures I took in Cleveland:

A Church

An Old Building

Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland

My Shoes & Green Plaid Jeans

My PxPx Tattoo, Necklaces & Hello Kitty Shirt

A few of the pictures I have posted on Instagram.

While in Cleveland I realized how much I want to shoot the city, I think it would be fun. It’s a known fact I’m not a huge fan of the city – as far as concert going goes – but it is a pretty city. You just have to know where to look. ^_^

Cherry Pie Bars

Wednesday night I made Cherry Pie Bars. I made homemade cherry pie filling, but you can always use canned filling. The dough is like a sugar cookie dough and well it’s all just awesome. I’ve had three bars and I cut them big.

Today I took 9 of them to work. I got to work at 11:30am and by 2pm there was none left. ^_^ Everyone liked them, though I do have a request for something with blueberries next. hehe.

Tomorrow I have the day off. As of right now I have no plans. I’ve asked people and get no reply or anything. I guess in the end I’ll go to the mall and buy more kitchen stuff and come home to movies. Or I’ll just stay home and watch movies.

It just seriously sucks when you realize the fact you really don’t have friends, friends to do things with. I just want to get out of the house every so often with someone besides family. It just gets me down thinking about it. I try to not let it get me down, but I can’t help it sometimes.

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  1. I love the new theme, it is so simple and clean, girl, plus, happy birthday to your niece!~ Yeah, I would be upset about the cake thing too 🙁 Stinky looks so cute in that tie. I know what you mean about buying stuff, too much. I have that habit, and I am trying to curb it. Lol

    Unfortuntely, I don’t have too many friends that want to come over and do stuff either. They are often busy and/or working. It sucks, really it does. Don’t worry 🙂 Everything will be all right in the end!

  2. I quite like the Titanic set, I think I’d put the ships in jelly/jello and the ice in well, ice and they could float around together in a glass (does jelly float though? Maybe not).

    The Splendies look neat! I’m looking into it now and might try them out, assuming they have my size! I need new underwear stat.

    I know what you mean about friends (my most recent blog post is about it, coincidentally enough) and at the moment I really have my boyfriend and that’s about it. It would be nice to go out more with other people but oh well.. I guess the plus side is I save money this way.

    1. Just wanted to let you know that I bought a Splendies subscription and put your name as my referee so hopefully they link that back to you as a referal 🙂

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