I Lost My Girl And I Lost My Fun

Hello Kitty

I had to start this post off with this picture. It was by pure accident that I captured it – I was sure it wouldn’t work and would be all out of focus…so glad I was wrong! This is my niece’s cat, whom she named Kitty. So I titled this picture Hello, Kitty and uploaded it to my DeviantART [link]. ^_^

I still miss Pip. It’s just so quite without him crying after the big cats and trying to keep up, or wanting held. I know I seem like such a weirdo still mourning a stray kitten I took in when his mommy wouldn’t care for him. He was just my little buddy, and he was Stinky’s buddy too.

Fair Pictures

Saturday I went to the fair grounds to turn in my two photographs for the fair. To my great surprise they were letting people turn things in early. I was like fourth in line but two people in front of me didn’t have their pictures framed right and they stood there at the turn in table fixing them. Ugh. So I ended up standing there for at least 20 minutes. >_<

When I turned in my pictures though I was able to see some other pictures people have turned in and well from the few I seen I’m sure I didn’t get any kind of ribbon. I admit, I’ll be kind of bummed. But it was kind of fun doing it, but next year I’m going to start going through pictures a month before the deadline and printing a few out and picking from a pile.

I still haven’t made it to the fair so that’s why I don’t know if I got a ribbon or anything at all. I just can’t find anyone who wants to go with me. I might see tomorrow if anyone is going to that part of town and if they are, have them drop me off for an hour or two just so I can walk around and look at things. Just, going some place like that alone always bums me out.

Since I haven’t been to the fair I have been working loads on all of the new things I’m making up for that big festival. If you like my facebook page for Cherri Delights [link] you’ll see all the things I’m working on or have finished – same goes for my Instagram [link]. Or you can just wait for blog posts, haha. ^_^


This isn’t the only pair of earrings I have made. I think I have around 30 pair that I made just this week, plus all the others ones I have finished up. Oh yeah and I have more pins to make even more. I just learned how to use jewelry pliers to make earrings with headpins – and I’m kind of proud of that because I’m nothing like a jewelry maker, but I do enjoy making earrings.

These earrings have flat stones on them, I found a whole jar of these stones and they already have a hole in the middle. I think I am going to make a pair that are just stacked with the stones, I mean I’d wear earrings that are totally stones. And the stones are not heavy since they’re so little.

Fairy Wand

This is the first fair wand I made. I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I made it, and well I don’t have it any more. My niece figured it was her wand, so I’ll never get it back now. But I do have enough stuff to make loads more so it’s not really a loss.

Fairy Wand

This is one of the most recent wands I made. I’m doing a few with the white ribbon and some with the blue ribbon. I only have two with the purple beads, the rest are in two different shades of blue. I’m also using different kinds of fabric for the star. These are a pain in the butt to make, especially when it comes to putting everything inside of the star. UGH!

But due to the work, I think I’m going to have to price them close to $5 – which makes me sad since they’re for kids, but they’re not fun/easy to make. If a parent wants it for a lower price, I will do it though.


I’m sure a few of you remember the band-aids I made for stuffed animals and dolls – they’re back! I made four packs of “stuffed animal Band-Aids”. The packs have mixed color band-aids in them – purple, green & tan. I’m rather proud of the topper I made – by hand. ^_^ If I’m able to get my hands on some felt I’m going to make some more up so I can do a couple more bags. I’m going to sell them for around $1.50 per package. If I would have had the cardstock I was going to make little band-aid boxes. There’s always next time!


I thought about making cat toys, my aunt (and mom) both sell dog toys but neither of them make cat toys. So I made out a pattern for a stuffed mouse like the cats used to have and I made three…


I have zero now. Thanks Stinky. He’s an older cat but only likes toys that are stuffed. There’s loads of cat balls around the house but he never plays with them.

Today I was able to sit down at my sewing table – which there’s finally room in the living room to set it up and it not really be in the way. I finished sewing one tote bag and started sewing another one. I think I have four more to do.

I also worked on cutting out the pocket part for the crayon aprons. I’m not going to start sewing them until I’m finished with the tote bags, but I have to iron all the fabric for the aprons first – I hate that part. I also have none of the ties cut out for the aprons, but I figured I could do that after I have them all sewn together – as far as the main piece and pocket goes – so I can see what color ties I could do for them.

Every time I think to myself this is pointless I just think of what I want to do with the money I make at this big festival.

Yes, I’ve thought about it. I’m considering getting a new phone and becoming connected to the outside world again. haha. But half of what I make at this festival will be hidden in my room to go toward new tattoo(s).

Today I got loads of packages in the mail.

Three of the packages were Christmas gifts. Which I gave my mom hers already so  I wouldn’t misplace it. One of the packages was more elastic I ordered to make bracelets with.

Potato Pirates

I got my package I’ve been waiting on! So I only ordered the t-shirt – which I love the logo – so when I opened the package and found a patch I thought they sent me the wrong order and I’d have to go through the headache of returning it. Well when I found the note and read it, it made sense. This is the second time I’ve ordered one of their shirts since June. They included a big patch. ^_^ They are honestly one of the few bands who do enjoy their fans. The most I’ve ever had included in a package would be a sticker or something along those lines, so the patch was a huge surprise. Tomorrow I am going to take the time to sew the patch on my vest. It will be my back patch, along side The Adicts. ^_^

The Vegg

I contacted The Vegg [link], about me possibly doing some kind of product test and sharing my review on my cooking blog [link]. I figured I was taking a total shot in the dark, but they’re great people behind The Vegg and they sent me samples of the egg yolk product as well as the baking mix.

Lemon Bars

My niece and I made lemon “cake” using the baking mix. So it was suppose to be lemon bars but she wanted to use a round pan so it kind of turned into a cake. I’m working on a review of the baking mix and hope to have it posted early next week. I haven’t used the egg yolk product yet, but I think I’m going to make mayo using it.

And yes, Anarchy Kitchen [link] is open! I know there’s not much on there right now, but I am working on things. I have the review of these two products, and I also have four other products I’ll  be testing out and reviewing!!!

Yes you read that right!! I’ve been able to find support from vegan product companies to let me test their products and share them with other vegans and people who are wondering about the vegan lifestyle. ^_^ I really am proud of myself for being able to find the support for a little website. I guess all those marketing classes are finally being put to use. haha.

I am wanting to do some kind of “Ask a vegan” thing once a week where I answer a question or two from people who are new to the lifestyle or just wondering about it. So if you have questions please ask! I’ll answer questions from recipe help to basic kitchen questions.

If anyone has suggestions of things I should add to the site, please feel free to let me know. I am working on a list of high protein food to have in a vegan diet, as well as a list of ways to substitute eggs in your cooking/baking.

All of this has me seriously jazzed about Anarchy Kitchen though. I know there’s not many people who follow it, but eh, I’m enjoying doing it. I’ll also be changing the recipe link on here to direct you to AK now since that’s where all the recipes are now.

Shepherd’s Pie

Yes, I made vegan Shepherd’s pie [link]. I made too much for me so I put what I didn’t eat in the freezer so it’s something easy to make when I’m hungry and don’t really want to cook. Plus the day I made it was one of the really cold days we had and it was just perfect for that day. And I’ve always thought it was too hard to make, it’s not! Also, a great way to use leftover potatoes that you don’t want to go to waste. I made garlic mashed potatoes for mine.

Mushroom Stroganoff

Last night for dinner I made a yummy Mushroom Stroganoff. So yummy. To tell you the truth though, when I did eat meat – years ago – I was never a fan of stroganoff, but now that I’ve used mushrooms or even mock meat I love it. I’m not sure why. haha.

I am slowly working my way to catch up with comments. I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking so much when it comes to that. Lately when my computer has been on, it’s only because I’m converting something to a different format…and for a couple weeks all I did was work on Anarchy Kitchen non-stop. So I’m trying to give SEN some love now, as well as people who read my random ramblings. ^_^


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  1. That picture of Kitty is very cute, I’ve always been in love with cat eyes.

    The framed pictures you submitted are very nice, I really hope you get a ribbon or recognition for them. Also, really love all the stuff you have made that you posted. You are definitely very creative.

  2. Kitty is adorable! I’m sorry to hear about Pip. It might seem silly, but it really does feel awful to lose a pet. They’re living beings too.

    And I love those earrings so much! Great color. 😀

  3. Sorry ’bout PIp…

    The product of Vegg made me curious. If there is ready made yolk for baking, then it’s easier. No need to crack eggs and throw those whites..

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