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Christmas Is Over

Christmas Cat

I did finally find Stinky a Santa costume the day before Christmas Eve. And yes, he was not very pleased about the whole thing. haha.

Christmas Tree

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve…which sounds super weird but there’s a good reason behind it. We only have my niece on Christmas Eve, so it makes sense to just celebrate when we have her.

To explain this to my niece we told her we wrote Santa a letter and he dropped gifts off at my aunts house. Explaining it that was works for a three year old.

My Niece With Gifts

My Niece Covered In Gifts

My Niece Waiting

We started opening gifts around 10am because sadly, I had to work on Christmas Eve.

Yes, working on Christmas Eve sucked big time. I worked until close (9pm). So in the end it was a long day since I couldn’t sleep in or anything.

Gift wise I received:
A waffle maker
3 piece glass prep bowls
A wire whisk
A set (2) of chef knives
A green bowl
Bath set (bath salt, shower gel, bubble bath)
16GB SD Card
50 Pack DVD-R
Hello Kitty Fleece Robe
3 Pair of Tights (Black, Red Lace & Hot pink with black stars)
Hello Kitty cleaning cloth
2 Supernatural Posters
Cupcake carrier

Some people have said I didn’t get a lot of Christmas, but those people forget it’s not about the gifts.

I haven’t used the waffle maker yet. I’m going to buy ice cream and make chocolate waffles. I also bought some lunch meat & cheese (don’t worry, it’s vegan!). So I’m going to make a sandwich and put it in the waffle maker…I can’t wait!

The SD card is for my new camera. When I put it in my new camera I was beyond excited to see I can take over 3,000 pictures before I need to clear the card. Before I only had a 1GB card from one of my other cameras in it so I was only able to take around 50 pictures because I have it on the highest MP setting. I’m honestly starting to LOVE my new camera. I’m still in the process of getting used to it – but I can’t wait to take it to the next show my friends play. I can’t wait to see how well the pictures are from a show. ^_^ There are things that I will still use my older camera for though.

My niece did get a lot of gifts. She has been dragging around the “American Girl” doll I bought her. She doesn’t have a lot of clothes for the doll though, my aunt made a few outfits though. I do plan to take my niece to buy a few outfits. JoAnn Fabric sells some doll clothes & shoes.

My aunt also made her 12 new little pigs. When she was around 1 1/2 years old my aunt gave her a pink silky pig. She drug it around until she had to have more pigs – which she got last year for Christmas. Well this year my niece requested more pigs…so she has 12 more and they’re all silky – also in all colors & patterns.

Christmas Eve Work
As I said before I had to work Christmas Eve. I was hoping it was going to be an easy day, it wasn’t. A lot of people do travel on Christmas Eve, as well as finish up Christmas shopping. The last two hours we were open the drive-thru was crazy.

After I got off work though I did spend a little money on something for myself. I went to Sheetz and bought a smoothie. It was so worth it.

Spending Hold
On January 1st I’m handing my debit cards to my mom and she’s putting them in her safe. This may sound a little crazy, but it’s to keep me from spending money on random things.

On January 31st (or my first day off in February) my mom will return my cards and we’re going to Staples. With the money I have saved I’m spending it on a new laptop – something I’m in need of. I’m excited thinking about it so that will give me the extra boost while I’m not spending money on eating out and clothes.

Also if I have money leftover, I’m putting that toward a photo printer!

I did a pure guess when I figured how much I would have saved at the end of the month. I figured around $630. I do have one bill that I pay monthly and I have a domain to renew.

Grocery Shopping
Last night after work I went grocery shopping. I was going to go today, but I wanted to spend my day off doing as little as possible. I also needed to buy Stinky some canned food so I don’t have to worry about it later.

I spent close to $54. Honestly, the cost doesn’t bother me because of everything I bought.

They had Tofu on sale, so I picked up two blocks. I also bought wonton wrappers, which I can’t wait to use. In the freezer section I went a little crazy. I bought three bags of “chicken”, a bag of beefless tips and a bag of fishless filets. I also picked up some lunch meat and two containers of hummus (pita chips too). ^_^

Oh and I bought my niece some of these little single serving pasta things that you pop in the microwave.

The last thing I picked up though was three frozen pizzas. I was hungry and pizza sounded good. I bought one for me and two for my mom.

And in the end I forgot the cat food. So I had to go out today to buy the cat food. I buy the boxes of cans (12 or 24). Well I bought two boxes of 12 cans. Doing it that way I get Stinky two different kinds of food. So he has around 30 cans of food now, that should last him a while because one can of food I can feed him for two days. The one thing I will have to buy him is some more dry food.

Food Porn

Chex Mix

Chex Mix!

Fishless Tacos

Fishless Tacos!

Blog Title: I Wanna Get In Your Pants by The Cramps


  1. I swear, you’re so awesome with that food porn, and your niece looks so darn happy! ^.^ but your cat looks so cute and mad. Yeah, it’s okay. I love opening gifts on Christmas Eve, rather than on Christmas day, but I’m weird like that.

    Still, I’m glad you guys all had a wonderful Christmas~! Woot!

  2. I saw those fishless tacos when you posted them on Facebook the other night and I was seriously drooling, haha. I’ll bet they’re delicious! I like opening gifts on Christmas Eve, too, rather than Christmas Day (but I can totally deal with both! :P). Happy to see you all had a great Christmas, too!!

  3. Have you tried your waffle maker yet? You are going to have a blast!! I got one this summer for my shower and we use it all the time. 🙂 Those presents all sound awesome! Despite having to work on Christmas Eve, I hope you had a great celebration. PS – Stinky looks so jazzed to be wearing that outfit, lol.

  4. I am so jealous! I’ve been wanting a waffle maker for so long but just never had the room.

    Question – how did you get Stinky to wear that outfit? I try to put one thing on and they just nip me!

  5. Sounds like you had a great Christmas (Eve). I know a few people who celebrate on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day so it’s not weird to me, lol. I want to get a waffle maker! Enjoy yours — it sounds like you have a lot of uses for it already.

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