Here I am!

I know I’ve been in a serious MIA situation lately. What can I say, I needed a break. Well it wasn’t the fact that I needed a break, more of a fact that training for my new position at work killed me. The good thing is that I’m finished with training and it felt like it took six years to get it finished. I am now a shift supervisor at work, which is a step under being an assistant manager. I’ve also been closing since I finished training, which mean long nights and I usually sleep most of the day – that is okay with me though.

If you follow me in instragram, I think I’ve mentioned working on growing my hair out. So to make myself feel better about my hair being a weird length right now, I dyed it today. I used blue and a hot pink. The pink and blue mixed making some of it purple – which I’m loving. I just wasn’t liking the idea of having hot pink hair. So this new dye job should keep me from wanting to cut my hair all off again.

Part of my training was having to pass the ServSafe test. Which, if I didn’t pass it I couldn’t run a shift by myself. Well, I passed it with a 96%. That is without taking the pre-test – we just completely forgot about that! Opps. But as a reward for passing with a high score I bought myself the Thug Kitchen cookbook as well as Justin Warner’s cookbook. I’m in love with both of them. <3

While I’m talking about books, Bruce Campbell has a new one coming out in August…I pre-ordered it! I have his other two books and well I can’t wait for this one to come out. His books are always a funny read.

When I’m not working, I’m trying to work my way through my massive movie collection and catch up on new ones. Yeah, it’s going to take a while. Here are some of the movies I’ve watched over the past few months.

As usual, a lot of horror.

Honestly though, I really want to create some kind of group where we have one (or two) movies to watch each week. And we share our thoughts with each other about the film(s). It gets lonely when you mostly watch horror and don’t have friends who live around you who have the same taste in films.

I’ve been saving my tax return, half of it goes toward a car. Well the half I was going to spend on something I wanted, I spent it. I ordered the new Samsung Galaxy s8. Fingers crossed I get it before I leave for Chicago!


Yep. I’m going with my boyfriend (& his friends) to C2E2! We’re going to the con on Saturday and have the rest of the time to see Chicago. It’s my first time visiting so I’m excited. I’m sure I’ll have loads of pictures when I come back!

Tomorrow is time to try to get SDCC tickets. We tried last year and didn’t get picked, so we’re going to try again this year. Fingers crossed!

I know this is a kind of short post and also a lot of rambling, but I’m hoping it’s me getting back into the swing of blogging.

One last thing: I’m currently looking for an Etsy alternative for my jewelry. If anyone has any info on one, let me know!

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