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My Origami Owl Charms

Since I started my first giveaway and it’s for Origami Owl, I thought I’d finally post a picture of ALL my charms. Well, here’s my personal collection of charms. I’m always adding to my collection too, just can’t help it. I’m always looking at charms to buy at least once a week. This week though I was looking a couple times because of gifts and such.

I am super excited for the giveaway too. I’ve wanted to do one for so long, but I’ve just never been in the place where I could. If this giveaway goes well I have a short list of other giveaways I’m going to do before the end of the year. ^_^

Since the goal of a giveaway is to give someone something you enjoy & love, your mind can just run wild thinking of what I’ll be giving away next! haha.

Don’t worry, a food related giveaway will happen. haha.


Spring was still spring when I took this picture. Now it’s more like winter again. Monday I wore my “leather” jacket and a hoodie on my way to work, and I wore long sleeve at work! This is just a little too crazy for me, this weather needs to figure out that it’s spring for sure. I just want to be able to put my pool up and the water warm so I can go swimming. Weather like this isn’t making it easy to do that.

Now everyone is starting with colds again since the weather has been so crazy. This makes me just want to stay home from work because I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up sick. Ugh.

This cold weather isn’t very fun considering I have no hair. haha.

American Spring

A week ago today Anti-Flag released their latest album. I didn’t have a chance to order it, so since I had Saturday off I went out to pick it up. I was so happy to see they had it in stock. I’ve listened to it and I enjoy the new songs. I have been listening to them since 2000 though, so I’ve been there through a few albums. haha. I do enjoy the fact you can see their growth as a band (and people) through all their albums – as well as what’s going on in the world.

While I was out I spent my $5 off coupon at Kitchen Collection. I bought a nice decorating kit! ^_^ I haven’t used it yet, but I just can’t wait to use it. I also picked up a new set of measuring cups. The ones I used the most just had everything painted on them and the paint wasn’t on there any more. These ones have the measurements pressed into the handle – and they also have the tablespoon measurements on the side so if you need 16 tablespoons you fill it to that spot! That’s going to make things so easy.

I ended up buying myself a t-shirt with a big happy face on it as well as a dress. I’m not sure where I’ll wear the dress to, but who knows. Considering how the dress is made I may make it my “too lazy to wear clothes” dress to lay around the house in. haha.

I’ve been having Saturdays off for the past few weeks, which is nice to break up what used to be my 6 or 7 days straight. The downside is I can never find anyone who wants to go out and do anything. So it’s just like my regular days off (Tuesday & Wednesday). Which means in the end I just end up laying in bed and watching movies pretty much the whole time.

I have my fingers crossed that the weather is nice some day so I can go into town and have lunch at a place I haven’t for a while and walk to the park to take some pictures. I haven’t done either of those things in so long it would be nice to do it, but it would also be nice to have someone with me while I’m doing it.

Dijon crusted "beef" on top of a Roasted eggplant & sweet potato mash with a BĂ©arnaise sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts

This was my first “fancy” dinner I’ve ever made…for myself: Dijon crusted “beef” on top of a Roasted eggplant & sweet potato mash with a BĂ©arnaise sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts.

I do have the recipe for the “Beef” and the Mash up on Anarchy Kitchen. ^_^ You can always use regular beef if you eat it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work out. But you all know I enjoy cooking with mustard. I think I have an addiction to it.

Today I went out for a few and found a store that had red wine vinegar on sale for $1. Now I have to find recipes that use it, haha. I also ended up buying a few things that ended up in the vegetable & barley soup today. I made enough so I can snack on it tonight and I won’t have to really cook tomorrow.

I tried making cookies tonight, but something went wrong with the batter and well…they didn’t turn out. So I’m going to make hand pies tomorrow. Two kinds: Blueberry and Strawberry! I can just make a double batch of pie dough and just have two different fillings to use. My thought is they will be easy to make and easy to take to work – I won’t have to worry about trying to keep them cold or anything.

With that said I’m going to finish watching Hell’s Kitchen so I can get a warm bubble bath and find a movie to watch.

Blog Title: The First Of June by Dandelion Snow

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  1. I have never heard of Anti-Flag. What genre of music are they? It’s still cold over there? It is warming up here in Texas due to us not having rain anymore. I hope your first giveaway is a success! ^^ Good luck to everyone that enters and that Dijon dish looks amazing, and delicious! I want it so baaad.

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