That one word describes most of the weekend…well the biggest part of the weekend. All I can say is I’m finished going to events with my aunt. I’m sick of being treated like a slave and getting no respect.

If you’re not well enough to do these things on your own, you don’t need to be going to them.

I know I’m going to be taking a loss because that means less money coming in, but I’m going to stat taking cosplay/clothing commission work. If anyone is interested (US only right now) let me know. I’m open to doing pretty much anything – aprons (half & full), skirts, purses, pillow cases, hairbows…

It’s really going to suck for her because there’s an event at the end of the month. I’m not going. As I said before, I’m finished. I just can’t take her bitching and complaining any more. Not only did I have to hear about how sick she is (I had a cold too) but she would just sit and bitch about people. Sorry but I don’t want that negativity in my life.

I told my mom since I won’t be answering her calls that if she calls my mom she doesn’t know who I am. HAHA!

This week though I’m going to sit down and work on Randi’s apron. Due to the crazy week last week I didn’t get a chance to start on it. I’m not looking forward to measuring it out and marking it though because it’s black fabric. The chalk hates me. I always get it everywhere – it washes off, but it just sucks when you get it all over the place.

Friday night I was able to go with friends up to Canton. And Jason kind of surprised me when we were eating. I told him where we were and I didn’t really figure he’d show up. Next thing I knew he was standing beside me, it was the best kind of surprise. ^_^

Then we went to hookah, normal thing as usual.

Through it all and even though it was a short night, it was just nice to spend some time with him even if it wasn’t a lot of time. ^_^

He came down Saturday for a little bit too.

And since I’m not able to go to con, I’m really hoping to be able to see him next weekend too. But who knows what will happen when it comes down to it. Fingers crossed I just won’t be sitting at home next weekend though.


  1. Sorry to hear that your weekend was awful. It’s rubbish when people treat you like that. If she really needed your help she wouldn’t treat you like that.

    Wow, the cosplay commission work sounds exciting. I wish I could sew, I don’t really have the patience. My sister makes dresses and I’ve always envied her ability to just sit there cutting all the patterns out. Hopefully it all goes well for you.


  2. Sorry to hear about how your aunt is treating you… Have you talked about it with her? Maybe you can talk it out and she’ll be nicer?

    I wish I could make my own clothes too! A fews days back I started learning how to knit and I really love it! 🙂 Maybe one day I can make more then only scarfs. Like t-shirts, socks… gloves maybe? Lol.

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