I’m not a victim of clichés

Wow, it’s been a while. I know I’ve been bad at blogging lately, but I’ve been working a lot more. I just finished six days straight. I get one day off and I work two and get the weekend off. All I can say is, I’m ready for the weekend.

My birthday is Saturday and I have plans to hang out with someone and that’s pretty much it. Well aside from buying a printer at some point. Yes, that’s my big birthday purchase is a printer. haha.

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Love In This World Is So Hard To Find

I went through a little travel down memory lane with past blog posts. I’ve been a while since I’ve changed over to a new host – which is fab and I’ve had zero problems with. I think it was around the second or third week of being hosts at my new host that I began titling blog posts as I have been since that time.

What am I talking about?

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The Ships And Parades Fade Into Dull Greys

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On the 26th I went to Cleveland to see Sundowner [LINK] with Jason and a few of his friends. When Jason had first mentioned I did take a listen to a song, what can I say I’m a sucker for acoustic music – as long as it’s good acoustic. And the show was at a venue I had never been to – Now That’s Class [LINK].

I had an awesome time at the song, even though I really only knew one song by heart. As usual I took a load of pictures so I had to share a few. I have the rest uploaded at my photo gallery, which is still under construction.

Yep, photo gallery. It will be so much easier to upload pictures on there and keep them up to date then it is the way I have pictures uploaded on here. My only question is what categories should I have? Right now I only have the Concert section up and done. I was considering making the main categories: Concerts, Nature, City, Countryside, Animals. There will be subcategories within those.

Aside from working quietly on the photo gallery I’ve also been busting my ass on my Halloween costume. Oh yeah! And I can finally share what I’m going to be. I’m going to be a belly dancer! ^_^ The idea sounded fun so I figured why not. I’ve made everything for my costume as well. Right now I’m in the middle of doing all the beading on the top. The colors are two shades of green and then blue. Right now I’m adding the blue beads to the top, then I have some clear ones I’m going to add on…and last of all is finishing/fixing the sequin work on the top. The other headache is the belt. On accident I put the hooks too close tot he edge so it doesn’t fit as it should.

I also have an apron I’ve been working on. The color combo is black, white & hot pink. It’s super cute and I think the person I’m making it for is going to love it. I have leftover fabric from the apron so I’m going to either make something like a tote bag or matching pot holders to go along with it all. I’m just not sure. I do have to re-cut one piece of the apron, but it won’t take that much fabric at all to re-cut what I messed up. I just didn’t measure the length right, but considering where I was cutting the fabric I’m surprised I wasn’t further off then I was.

I still have the goal of at least having an Etsy shop open by the end of the month. I haven’t given up on that yet, it’s just taking me a while to do it because I want to make sure the pictures for it are all great and everything runs smoothly with it. I also want to have a few envelopes on hand before I start selling so I don’t have to run out to stores to try to hunt them down.

This weekend started off with watching Jason and his friends play Magic [LINK]. People think I’m telling a lie when I say I like watching people play (even video games). I’ve always been a people watcher though.

After the gathering was over we cuddled and he had me watch the first episode of Continuum [LINK]. Yeah, it was new to me since I don’t really watch any channel side from Food Network [LINK] anymore. But it was a good show, I’m just not really into shows with that kind of storyline I guess.

Sunday afternoon we watched ABC’s Of Death [LINK]. Loved it! It was the first time we both had seen it. I really can’t wait for 2 to come out…but that’s not until next year! =_=

We went out for a late lunch after, then he brought me home. I’m always bummed when I know it’s time for me to come home, but it just makes me excited to see him when I see him the next time. I do think it’s good that we don’t see each other every day. It makes the time we’re together even more special.

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Blog title: Them Angels Been Talkin’ by The Lawrence Arms

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It’s A New Start

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If you’ve noticed, yes I’ve deleted all the past posts from my blog.


I just think it’s time for a fresh start, and deleting all those posts was the best way for me to start.

With all of that said, how about we get to know each other a little better…though I’m sure most of you already know me very well.

Basic Things
Name: Christa
Age: 26
Sexual Identity: Queer
Living: Ohio
Siblings: Two brothers – One older (5 years), one younger (1 year)
Status: In the middle
Little Ones: 1 Niece
Nickname(s): Cherry, Chris
Hair: Mohawk
Employment: Sewing, Painting
Tattoos: ‘None Timebo Mala’ & a cherry
Piercings: 4 earrings in left ear, 2 earrings in right ear, 1 nose ring

Other Things
Music: Anti-Flag, Sex Pistols, UncommonMenFromMars, Ramones, The Adicts, White Wives, Dandelion Snow, Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, P!nk, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Mischief Brew, The Potato Pirates, Allout Helter, Nine Inch Nails, The Chop Tops – I listen to so much music, this would take me so long to say everyone I love.
Color: Red
Sports: NFL (Pittsburgh Steelers), NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Hobby(s): Photography (35MM, Digital), Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design

If you think of anything else I could put on this little list, let me know so I can update it.

Now to the real part of this blog post…


Cookies is getting big. I’m not too sure how old he is though. I know, I’m a bad cat mommy. And I know this picture is fuzzy and such, but he’s a kitten…need I say more?

Con is only a few weeks away! Which is making me in the ‘holy shit’ mood. When it comes to outfits for con I only have one totally finished, but it’s been finished for months. I just want to have options.

Red Lolita Skirt

This is one skirt I have totally finished. It’s the skirt for a Lolita style maid outfit. I know the maid outfits are usually black and white…well red is my favorite color. Plus it’s good to be different!


Here’s the skirt with the apron. Both still need a good ironing. The apron was SO easy to do, and well I enjoyed making it. Once I had it cut out it only took around 45 minutes to finish it. I will be making another Lolita style outfit that needs an apron.

I still don’t have a top finished for the maid outfit. I have the base of the top cut out but that’s pretty much all I have done to it. I know I need to really get to work on the top since time is running out.

The other outfit I’m working on falls under Sweet Lolita. The skirt is white and yellow, three layers of fabric with bows all over the front of the skirt. I don’t even have a top cut out for this one.

For both outfits I’m doing a petticoat to wear under the skirts. I have it cut out and ready to sew together.


This is the other thing I’ve been working on. It’s not related to cosplay at all. These pictures are of it unfinished, I have yet to get some great pictures of it now that it’s finished.  The title of it is, Bluebird.

There’s the song I got the inspiration for the painting from. I love the song, and the band is pretty kick ass.

I’ve been working on another small painting for a friend. Last night I pretty much got all the major parts of it painting and now I just have the small details to touch up and finish.

As far as my activities of the weekend…

Friday night I was at the coffee shop, as usual. We ended up going to hookah, which I don’t do. I just go to hang out really. Well I was able to talk a friend into showing up at the hookah longue since he lives close to it. I have to say I enjoyed him being there. He’s such a sweet guy, and I enjoy being around him. One of the friends who was there made the remark that it was the first time he had ever heard me talk as much as I had been. ^_^

Saturday started with me at the coffee shop and ended with spending the night with that friend from the night before…a friend I have a huge crush on.

This week is going to be pretty much sewing a few crayon aprons and maybe a few other things. Plus having to finish things for con. Not looking forward to the week really because of all the things I know I have to finish. I have gotten in the habit of holding off on sewing until later – 6pm or later – because then I don’t have people getting in my way. It just works out better for everyone.

Listening To: Hallelujah, I’m Mourning by White Wives

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