Bouquet Of Dogwood Flowers

I’m so glad the week is over. You guys really have no idea how glad I am. When I got home yesterday I put my pjs on and laid in front of the TV with a couple of the kitties for a few hours. I think I was allowed to do that after that long event was over.

So since I went with my aunt I had to sit outside. Yes even in the crappy weather we had – rain and wind. Oh and with the wind it was so cold.

Finally the lady who was running it had some other people help with bringing everything inside on Saturday. Which pissed my aunt off but made me so happy. We had been sitting outside since Thursday in the mud and rain and well I wasn’t willing to get sick for anything.

So far though it seems like all I have is a sore throat, which I can deal with and I’m taking a small amount of meds to try to fend off the cold that I’m sure is to follow the sore throat.

Considering the crappy weather though I think it went pretty well. The cupcakes sold so well too – one lady came back once a day and would bring a different person each day. ^_^

One of the days I was sitting with my hat off so you seen my hair was blue. This older lady told her granddaughter “Look at her she has blue hair.” This lady looked at me again and asked me “You’re a girl right? Or are you a boy?” I’m used to that question though, but my only problem was the fact that she was asking it openly in front of a child. You shouldn’t teach people to question another person’s gender. I did tell her I’m a girl, because I’m 100% sure she wouldn’t have understood gender fluid. =_=

Sunday was the lady day of the event and we ended up closing early. THANK GOD!

I’m still not sure how much money I made because since we closed kind of at a spur of the moment my aunt didn’t have it all figured out so I’m suppose to go over at some point today to get my money. Plus it’s not like I can spend the money I’m just going to put it in the bank. I’m in saving mode now…which I admit, I hate. It always seems when I’m in saving mode something I’ve been dying to get my hands on goes on sale.

The event you were able to bring yard sale items too. Well One of the vendors we know from her doing all the other events we do. Her daughter had a table as well with some yard sale items. I ended up spending $10 on the yard sale items she had. I bought three pairs of jeans, two shirts, a pair pf pj pants, a tablet case and a wallet. Both of the shirts, pj pants, tablet case and wallet were Hello Kitty. So I think it’s totally okay. haha. I did buy a shirt from another lady, it was just a Superman shirt.

This week though, I’m going to be spending a lot of time doing nothing. I’m not even joking.

I do have so many pictures that I need to edit and get uploaded on DeviantART [link]. I was uploading every Friday night, but when the internet went to crap and we had to change to a new provider I just couldn’t upload anymore. So I’m really hoping to get back on track with doing that. It’s going to take me a while to edit them though because I’m so picky. It’s not that I do a lot of editing – mainly just fixing balance and such – but like I said, I’m picky.

I’m also going to get pictures ready to upload on facebook. I like waiting and doing just a large batch of pictures. I think it’s just easier. I always split them into folders so I can do them by the day so I don’t get them mixed up. I know it’s kind of stupid to have a folder just for 2014 pictures and have 90% of them in my timeline folder, but to me it makes sense. I mean if you’re looking for a picture I took in 2014 just go to the 2014 folder instead of fishing through the random things in the timeline folder. Haha. ^_^

This week also means getting ready for my lovely week away. ^_^

I think at this point we’re both just as excited to spend a week together and just be near each other.

I’m not looking forward to packing though. I suck at packing. And considering I’ll be gone for a week, that doesn’t help with my packing problem. >_<

I did figure I’ll be able to fit jeans, shirts and those kind of things in my suitcase. The bath items and things that are not clothing I think I could just put those in my backpack.

I am taking everything for my camera, just in case there’s a picture we take that we have to share. Yes, we can finally be those annoying couples on facebook that post a picture together every two seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute to take couple pictures together and share them – but not like 10 within one day, I’m sure you haven’t changed that much within a day.

Plus depending on how the weather is – which I hope the weather is awesome – we’re going to be doing some walks around the neighborhood and you never know what I can find to take a picture of.

I am going to go ahead and write up the movie Wednesday post so I can schedule it to post without me having to be around to do it. He told me I could write it while I’m there, but I just think it would be kind of rude for me to be sitting and writing a blog entry instead of really spending any time with him.

Tonight I am going to start writing the post for this Wednesday. I watched the movie Saturday night and thought I was going to be able to start writing it, but by the time it was over and since I knew I had to get up early Sunday, I just didn’t bother with it.

Also, if you want to suggest a movie for Movie Wednesday just leave your suggestion in your comment. ^_^


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You Ate My Brain

Iced Oatmeal Cookies

I love oats. I don’t know why, I just do. So last week while I was out with my mom one day I picked up a container of old fashioned oats – awesome for baking with. This led to me making cookies I’ve been craving for some reason. I made iced oatmeal cookies. Um. It was so worth it.

The only downside is the fact that the recipe I was using had the wrong amount of flour in it. So I ended up making one batch that looks super odd. After that though they all looked a lot better. I only had to add a bit more flour to the dough.


If you don’t already know my nickname is Ms Cherry – thanks to that cherry tattoo on my butt. Before my boyfriend and I started dating he joked that if we ever started dating that I would have to make him a patch for his vest. Well I did. haha. I’ve shown a picture of it to him. And in this picture it only has one coat of paint on it. I think it’s going to need two more coats of paint for it to look better.

The joke came along because I’m working on a bum flap for myself that has two big cherries on it and on the bottom it says ‘Ms Cherry’. ^_^ I’ll share pictures once it’s totally finished.

A friend of mine also asked me to do a back patch for him. I bough the black fabric already, I just need to get a hold of him to see what size for sure before I start sketching it.


Tuesday I had to run to the store with my mom, so I found this charm that I picked up for my charm bracelet. ^_^ I couldn’t pass it up. I know I’m going to have a hard time finding punk related charms though.

S'mores Cupcakes

Tuesday afternoon and night all I did was bake for this event going on this weekend. I’m honestly sick of seeing cupcakes. I baked 168.

I baked: S’mores (Pictures above), Marble, Twinkie, Confetti, Peach, Vanilla & Apple Pie.

New Hair

I also found time Tuesday to dye my hair! I still need a haircut, but here’s a picture of it – Wednesday made it in the picture too. I’m seriously missing my red a lot though, so before I dye it the next time I’m just going to order the dye.

Tuesday night also means Supernatural. I started to dye my hair during the episode because…it was just SO boring! Dean and Sam were in it just for a short time it seemed. I’m just hoping next week is better.

Today was the first day of the event and the cupcakes did sell pretty good, even though where we’re at is nothing but a mud hole.

Last night we set everything up and by the time we were done my shoes were soaked through and my socks were totally wet. I wouldn’t even wear my shoes today I had to wear my boots – and today my boots are soaked.

It was cold today too, which didn’t help.

One good thing is we’re right next to a yard sale, so I went over there a couple times today. One time I went with my mom and niece because they came for a little bit today. Since my niece is growing out of all of her clothes my mom ended up buying her a lot of t-shirts and pajama’s at this yard sale. I bought myself a pair of purple and black tights and a pair of pajama pants.

While my mom and niece were still there I ended up having to walk back over with my niece because they had a mini recliner that my niece wanted. She ended up getting it. It was only $1 because there were some marker spots on it, but I’m going to recover it for her.

When I came home tonight she has the recliner sitting by the coffee table. When I walked past it to get to my bedroom I seen a blanket and one of her dolls sitting in it – so at least she’s using it.


When I came home these were waiting for me in the mail. I ordered them to turn one into a clip on charm for my niece’s charm bracelet for her birthday. I just have no clue what I’m going to do with the other five. haha. I guess I could turn one into a necklace for her too.

Her birthday is coming up so quickly, which is making me crazy. I wanted to make her a backpack like Dora, but I think that’s going to be more like a Christmas gift. So instead I’m going to make her a quilt. Since I’m going to stay with my boyfriend for a week (starting next weekend, yippie!) I think I’m going to at least take the fabric to cut the pieces, I mean I’m sure he’d at least help with measuring so all the squares are the same size.

He did say he’s going to help me finish putting studs on my vest! Which I can’t wait for, but I have a feeling I should have ordered more studs.

I just honestly can’t wait for this week to be over. I pretty much have no life from now to Sunday. And the best part is once this week is over I’ll have a few days and I get to see him and spend time with him. ^_^

I’m so excited I’m already packing things in my mind. haha.

Since I just got home around an hour ago I’m going to get in bed and not move for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is another early day…and long boring day.


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Let’s Travel Round The World

As I look at the calendar I realize how much I have to do in so little time left. Mainly I’m talking about baking all these cupcakes. I’m not sure how I’m going to pull off baking four types of cupcakes before Wednesday.

I’m considering starting off with the one that’s newest to me – S’mores cupcake. This is a two step process, I have to bake a “crust” following by baking the regular cupcake on top of that crust. I’m not looking forward to it at all.

And I haven’t even looked to make sure we have the peaches I need for the peach cupcake. I’m just hoping I do because I don’t want to mess with going to the store to just buy peaches. Ugh.

This has all turned into a major headache – mainly for the pure fact that I know I won’t have any help with baking. Don’t get me wrong, you all know I love to bake – but baking this much is something new to me. No one has ever asked me to bake them cupcakes for anything…so out of the blue having to bake four kinds of cupcakes within two days – UGH!

The weather is another thing. See this event my aunt had the bright idea of going outside – it was an option on the application. She knew Ohio weather is majorly bipolar this year and still thinks it should be fall from time to time.

As of now Wednesday – the set up date – there’s a 90% change of thunderstorms. Plus the rest of the days it’s suppose to be in the 50s or so with around a 30% change of rain every day.

At this point I just see this as a huge waste of time. I mean, no one wants to go to something like this outside while it’s raining and the weather is just horrid. I do have my fingers crossed that the weather will change – there’s still time.

So I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I have birthday plans! Yeah I know super early, but not really when I need to save as much as I can.

The major plan is Pittsburgh for my birthday – all day. ^_^ I’m hoping there will be a show I want to go to since my birthday is on a Friday – it’s also a full moon.

Who am I doing this with?

My boyfriend of course.

Yes, you read that right. I never mentioned on here the fact that I was talking to someone. He kind of came out of the blue and we started talking. We found out we have a lot in common and we always stay up super late just talking to each other. It’s just great to see someone who really does understand me and know what I’m all about.

Oh yeah, mohawk.

If you’re friends with me on facebook, I think you may have noticed some random postings and things that may have tipped a few people off. ^_^ I just really try to keep things like that to myself. I know I get annoyed when all people post about is “I miss my baby”, “Oh I love you *name here*”.

And no, I’m not saying ‘I love you’. I personally think it takes time once you’re with someone to honestly get to that point where you love someone. You get into a relationship with someone you “like” and that turns to  “love” – but it takes time. Plus any time I’ve ever said that L word, I pretty much get dumped the day after I say it.

I do have a lot of faith in this relationship lasting and really becoming something. Mostly for the fact of us enjoying a lot of the same things – not just one or two things. That means we can do those things together and have more bonding time.

This is the first time in a while that I don’t feel alone.

I do have to say the way everything happened last night was cute. It went from us just goofing around and talking to him posting a video on my timeline [This video]. Well the video made it pretty clear to me, and it also made me smile.

Well I didn’t want to make this post super heavy since it is Sunday. ^_^ I think I’m going to watch the movie I’ll be talking about on Movie Wednesday!


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Our Wires Cross

I haven’t stopped blogging or really slacked off from blogging. I was away for so long because we canceled our internet access last Tuesday. The same day we were calling another provider to sign up for them. We were hoping to have internet the next day but they weren’t table to come install it until Saturday. so I’ve only been back online for a few days. Within those few days I was mainly trying to update programs that I can finally update and just catching up with people I keep in touch with. It’s just super nice to have fast internet. ^_^

I feel like I’ve finally joined 2014! HAHA!

While I was away I was able to go through my external HD and delete some stuff and organize it a bit.

I also had time to make a list of a few ideas for the name of a website I’m working on with a friend. I haven’t been able to look up which ones are available yet, but I’m hoping to do that at some point today.

I would ask for suggestions on names, but I want to keep it all under wraps. ^_^

This week I’m also going to work on my PHOTOBLOG to see if I can free up some space so I can update it. I’m just not really sure if I can free up enough space to keep it alive. I just really don’t want to get rid of any of the posts. I’m going to just really go through everything on the space and hope I can fix it. If not I’m going to see if my host can expand my space – I’ll even pay a little to be able to.

I also have an idea for a theme post on Wednesdays. ^_^ So you have to wait to see what it is.

Not Chick'n

Saturday I went to a store I usually don’t’ go to. Lookie what I found! I’ve never seen this bouillon before so I had to pick it up to try it out. I used it in my noodles I had at Easter dinner yesterday. So good! I’m just bummed you only get 8 cubes. Though it does say you can use 1/2 of a cube for 1 cup of water. It just all depends on how strong you want it to be.


The same brand also had veggie bouillon – which is what I use when my niece is around. She likes noodle soups and half the time I eat with her so she always has veggie broth with her noodles. I haven’t tried these yet.

Koyo Ramen

I was also on the search of quick fixes. I don’t eat quick fixes all the time, but sometimes I just don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I’m a huge lover of noodles in general. I found this Koto Ramen. I read the back – as I always do with anything I buy and I didn’t see any animal products listed on the package. I’m going to do more research though before I make them just to make sure. I’ve never seen this brand in any other stores around here so that’s why I’m not totally sure what’s in the flavor packet.

Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen does offer Vegan products. After reading the back of these packages they read to be vegan. And plus it’s rice noodles – I’m hungry just thinking about it. ^_^

For those new to being a vegan (or vegetarian) or those considering trying the lifestyle out: Are there any products you’ve been searching for or wondering if you can still eat?

I’d really love to do a post maybe once a week answering questions for those new to the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. ^_^ I think it would be something fun to do and it would be super helpful to so many people as well.

This week is my last free week for the month. Which makes me so sad. Next Monday and Tuesday I’ll be busy baking all those cupcakes. The 30th we’re suppose to go set up the tables and everything for the event – and the event runs May 1st through the 4th. I just have my fingers crossed that everything works out, the weather is good, and people actually come.

And before I leave, here’s a video of Stinky enjoying sounds from other cats…


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I’ll Run Backwards

So the week wasn’t that great and weekend wasn’t that much better.

Instead of my niece being here until this afternoon, she’s here until Tuesday night now. Don’t get me wrong I like when she’s here because I know she’s okay – and I know someone is feeding her real food. It’s just a lot of work. Not to mention my brother has a new girlfriend…

This girl came here with no clothes – besides what she was wearing. And it’s been nearly a month and she’s still wearing the same clothes. Ew. Not to mention the same underwear…double ew! How can someone do that? Just the thought of it makes me want to get a shower.

Today I went into the bathroom to notice she has been using my face wash, as well as my fingernail polish remover pads. So tonight I’m going to be taking all of my items out of the bathroom.

I have no problem with letting other people use things, but you ask first!

She just came in and thinks she owns everything and is the boss of my niece. Like I told my mom, this girl is nothing to my niece and will never be.

Tomorrow I’m suppose to babysit since my mom has to go see her doctor. So I called my aunt, so tomorrow my niece and I are going to go over to her house for the day – well until my mom gets home from the doctor. Tonight while everyone else is asleep I’m going to gather some snacks up and pack a little bag and get her coat and shoes together so this girlfriend won’t have time to ask where we’re going. It’s none of her business.

I’m seriously just fed up with the way she acts. She lays in bed all day and watches TV – or plays on her phone. I’ve never seen her lift a finger to clean. And I’ve only seen her really cook once…and I ended up washing the dishes!

I mean I know I don’t have a regular job, but I sure as hell don’t lay around all day long. If I’m not working on new items I’m doing housework and such.

Plus this girl has a daughter, but doesn’t have custody of her and never sees her…I’m going to get to the bottom of that because I want to know why if she’s going to be around my niece. And if it’s a court order, it takes a lot for a court to take a child away from their mother. When I heard this information a little red flag stood up in my mind. I’m not saying she did anything bad or abused her daughter – I’m just saying I have a right to know if she’s going to be around my niece.

In other news…

I saved the jar from my Better Than Bouillon vegetable base – if you have never tried it, it’s AMAZING – in hops of getting the stickers off the jar…which seems like it’s going to take everything to get the stickers off it. I want to use the jar to put some of my oatmeal bath in for one of the upcoming craft events. I think once the jar lid is covered with fabric it will look cute.

Does anyone have tips for getting sticker labels off a glass jar?

Right now I’m only going to take two jars of the oatmeal bath to see if I can sell them. The downside is since we don’t have a working printer I have to write out the tags and directions for them. Fingers crossed people can read my writing! haha.

I would like to sell the bath online but the reason I don’t offer it in my shop is the cost of shipping. Shipping costs just suck sometimes.

Talking about mail…A friend from California sent me a cute little letter last week and I did finally write him back and I even put together a tiny package to send. It should cost right around $1 to mail it, which is right in my price range! haha. It was just great to get a little letter in the mail. Sometimes handwritten always beats something on a screen.

If anyone wants to do like a random note exchange or something along those lines just let me know! ^_^ I’m always up for it! And since craft events are coming up, it will give me something to do while I’m sitting there for a while. Which is another reason why I’m glad my mom got me a tablet for Christmas – I may not have wifi at most of the events, but I’ll at least be able to play games and read.

The first event is April 12. Which is coming up so quickly – I can’t believe it! The good thing is I have all the 1950‘s inspired headscarves finished. But the bibs I was hoping to make I screwed up on so I won’t be finishing them at all. The last thing I was going to make are some sleeping masks, but I can’t work on those until I get some elastic.

If the oatmeal bath sells at this first event I am going to be making more and offering it at all the events I attend.

I’m hoping to make enough money at this first event to order my niece her birthday gift. For Easter I’m making her “Backpack” – the backpack from Dora The Explorer. I’m still on the fence as to what to get her for her birthday. I was really wanting to get her a doctor pretend play kit, but she’s really into the idea of being a ballerina lately.

While talking with my aunt today I did figure out everything to do with the birthday cake. The cake is going to be a regular vanilla cake and the icing is going to be pink lemonade! I still need to get the stencil drawn for it. The hope is to do a large pig and do a baby pig – the baby pig will be just all for her instead of a cupcake.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked about dating…well I’m not dating. Weekend of the convention I had a hard time because it just seemed everything reminded me of Jason. That’s kind of why I spent most of my time alone while we were all at the cabin. I just needed time alone.

As of now there’s no one I’m looking to date or anything like that. I’m just going to be alone for a while. I think that’s just what I really need to do. I have been asked on a couple dates and I’ve turned them down.

A bit of a funny story…and scary…

Yesterday at around 8pm I realized I had not seen Wednesday since that morning. Well around 9pm I got a flashlight and went outside in the rain/snow to try to find her. As I was walking in front of the house calling her name, I looked over and see a little black foot stretching out from the siding of the house. There she was! She was stuck under the house all day, and when I got her out she was a mess. She had spiderwebs all over her head, stuff in her tail and she smelled like death. When I got her in the house all she wanted was food. In the end she was totally fine, but it was funny to see her leg reaching out.

Once she ate she was glued to me for the rest of the night, and today she didn’t leave the house. I think she realized outside is bad.

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Carry On Wayward Son

Con is over. *Insert sadness here*

This was my first con so I didn’t really have expectations, especially since I knew it was a small college con. First since it was a college the con was being held in the student student union building, which was kind of in the middle of all the other buildings. This means it was a long walk from the car. Oh yeah and did I mention Ohio still thinks it’s winter? X_X

I had a skirt on and short sleeves, so I was frozen by the time we got into the building. Once in the building we stood in line for about 20 minutes or so. They had one line that was for students only, but I think when we first got in line they only have one person dealing with everyone who wasn’t a student…by the time I got up to the front there were two people taking money and giving out passes.

Oh yeah, $3 for a pass!

The dealers room was a lot of fun, for me anyways. I admit I did get some ideas for a couple scarves I want to make as well as a couple hats.

There was one lady who had the cutest Lolita accessories, but I didn’t have enough money for any of them…plus even though they were cute I can always make my own. And I forgot to get her card.

I stood in line forever – because two girls thought right in front of this booth was the perfect place to talk – just to buy these two buttons…but I fangirled when I seen them. I didn’t buy a Cas one, but I do have the contact info for the lady selling them so I’m going to email her and ask her how much she would charge me now to buy one of them. ^_^ In the end, I can see myself buying all of the buttons she had.

Within a few minutes of being in the building I seen these two and had to get a picture. ^_^ I found the two best Dean & Cas cosplayers to get a picture with. There were a couple others but…I’m sorry they weren’t that good. Plus one of the Dean cosplayers had a blond wig! What the hell?! Did I miss a whole season where Dean bleached his hair?

I am on a mission to gather the clothing for my Cas cosplay, which is going to be perfect to wear for the colder cons since I’ll have a coat and long sleeves. I will have to buy a wig for it though, but I guess the good thing is since I won’t cosplay Cas a lot I’m okay with buying a cheaper wig.

Those two are the only two I really fangirled over.

I did come across the two most rude Lolitas ever! >_<

They were standing behind me talking about how awesome their Lolita outfits were and they didn’t understand why other Lolitas even bothered to go to the con because their outfits were so bad. Oh yeah, they were dressed in the very generic maid Lolita outfits with no headpiece and no stockings or socks. And they were counting how many pictures people took of them. I just rolled my eyes and didn’t say anything. Other Lolitas were so nice and sweet – as Lolitas are suppose to be.

I hope that no one who came across these two think all Lolitas are that rude!

Now some random con pictures…

Even when you consider those two rude girls, con was so much fun! And I even made a couple friends.

The next con is in June, it’s still up to the universe and how well these next couple months are…I mean I want to go. That con is like a three day con too so it’s so much longer. Plus by June I think I may be able to have my Cas cosplay finished…I’ll be hot as hell but comfy! HAHA!

I’m waiting for someone to pull a couple screencaps from the Tank Girl movie so I can start on that cosplay. I’m going to do an outfit I haven’t seen a cosplayer do, mainly for the fact of the main two outfits being so worn out.

The car ride to where we were staying was about three hours. We stayed in a cabin…a very weird cabin.

The cabin was two stories. Upstairs was a bed, this weird short wall, and two more beds. Downstairs was a living area, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and a room with bunk beds. I slept upstairs by myself…but it was open upstairs so I could look over the rail and see everything going on.

So to be able to swim in the pool we had to get in the car and drive to the main lodge area – which was the hotel. The ride back was hell.

I only went swimming Friday night. I didn’t go with them Saturday night after we got back from con. I stayed at the cabin and got a shower.

The wifi did work, so I was able to find shows on youtube to fall asleep to.

Overall I had so much fun. I’m ready for next year! And next year I’m doing a cosplay that involves pants. ^_^

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This Is A Hell Bound Ride

I’m all packed!

So in my suitcase I was able to fit:
2x Jeans
3x T-shirts
Flip Flops
Mary Jane Shoes
2x Socks
1 Sweater
2x Panties
1 Bra
Costume items: Hat & wrist cuffs
Small sewing kit: Needles, scissors, white thread
Bath items: razor, shampoo, body wash, hair putty & pomade
Cables: Camera USB & MP3 Player USB

The best part is my suitcase is a vintage suitcase so it has these awesome flaps that you put over the items you packed so everything isn’t falling out when you close it. Oh yeah and they hook with metal clips, not plastic! I’m overly excited about my suitcase since I only spent 25 cents on it. I am hoping to refurbish it at some point, but I don’t want to take the vintage feel away from it. I can only imagine the places it has seen!

In my Hello Kitty backpack is all the snacks:
Teddy Bear Cookies
Rice Crispy Treats
Chocolate cream filled cookies (with flavored creams)
Chocolate Strawberry Cookies
Veggie Chips
Trail Mix

I also bought myself two cans of tea. And I baked some cookies tonight to take with me.

I’m hoping to be in bed by 1am.

I have my alarm set for 6am. My thought is this will give me time to wake up – ugh – and get a shower. No matter how short my hair is, I don’t like going outside with wet hair. I’m also making breakfast like I do every morning when I’m going somewhere – mostly to the fairs/festivals I’ve worked in the past.

I take instant oatmeal and make it as the package says. I usually use two packets. Next I take a foam cup – so I can just throw it away at a gas station without having to worry about washing crusty oatmeal out of it. My mom always buys lids for the foam cups so I grab a lid too. I put a little layer of oatmeal in the bottom, next is a layer of banana! I keep going until I fill the cup. I also grab a plastic spoon and I’m out the door.

As I look around though I keep finding small things I forgot to pack. My portable speaker being one of those things so I can listen to music while getting a shower or bath. And another thing I forgot I need to pack is my headphones, but I figure I’ll put those in my purse just in case I need them on the ride up.

My tablet is plugged in and charging now, and I figure I’ll play on it a bit before I go to bed.

In the morning I am going to change my pillowcase since I’m taking my pillow with me. What can I say, I’m picky about pillows so that’s why I take mine…and well since we’re leaving so early I can catch a little nap in the car.

I’m hoping to get some great pictures at the con too. That’s why I’m taking two cameras. haha.

I think I’m going to meet that goal of being in bed by 1am. I could honestly go to bed now, but Under The Gunn is on tonight so after that is over I’m going to get a bubble bath, since that has been helping with my dry skin & helping me fall asleep sooner.

My niece did tell me today that I have to get her something from my trip. I figure I’ll find something for her in the vendor room.

After that I guess she told my mom that I can’t go unless I take her. Not too long after that my niece was telling me she could go with me.

I honestly would take her but her mom is suppose to pick her up Saturday night and we won’t be back until Sunday. And I’m sure her mom would hate me having my niece for a weekend out of town…okay that last part gives me total reason to do it.

Blog Title: Take My Hand by The Creepshow

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