I’m home and getting back into the swing of things after a 5 day mini vacation from life and work. Let’s just say, I’m not that excited to be back to work. I liked having stress free days, but the stress is all back now.

Anyways, my mini vacation included C2E2 and Chicago.


What is C2E2? It’s a convention that’s all about pop culture. Meaning, it’s not totally focused on Anime and the like. So it’s a great convention for those who just like pop culture but not totally into anime. This was my first C2E2, but not my first convention. It is the biggest I’ve been that, that will end in July with Sand Diego Comic Con.

We only went Saturday, meaning we were there for the biggest day of the convention. Easier for people who work and don’t want to take a day off to go. So it was crowded. I am not a person who gets along in a crowd very well. Not only does anxiety kick in, but people are rude and I end up getting stepped on or hit in the face with a bag or something. People who are 5ft, shut up about being short. I wish I was 5ft because people who notice that I’m there and wouldn’t hit me like happens.

Aside from the general crowd issues, I had so much fun. My wallet did not. This was the first big thing Jason and I had been to together, so it was special too.

There were a lot of great cosplays and I didn’t take a lot of pictures due to the crowds and by the time I seen something great they would be gone. Well, there’s always next year.

Since it’s a pop culture convention that means horror is included. That also means I blew too much money. Okay in reality I didn’t spend a lot on little odd things. I did spend $120 on a beautiful corset. I don’t have pictures of it with me, but it was worth it. Plus, steel boning in it makes it all worth that amount. I’m going to use it as part of my pirate costume this year for pirate day.

Prints (or art in general) is my major weakness and I’m sure all the artists were happy to see me.

I bought this My Little Pony drawing for my niece. The artist signed it. I’m going to frame it so she can hang it up in her room.

I kind of lost my shit over this. I love the original Friday The 13th films and through that I’ve become a fan of Kane Hodder in general – yes he acts without costumes.

While walking through the many booths of artists there I came across a table with the Puppet Master comics on it. This table belonged to the guy who drew the cover art. I bought them and he even signed them for me.

All of these prints are from the same artist. I fell in love with them as soon as I seen them.

This print I couldn’t walk away from. I love A Clockwork Orange (yes, including the book). This fun poster by the artist Robert Luedke is one of the major finds for me at the event.

Now we’re getting into the non art things. How could I turn down a Hellrasier rubik’s cube?!


On Sunday we did a lot of going through the city, which means I spent more money on things. I was able to find a couple vintage shops, which were great.


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Everything Fall

Horror Pack

First I want to talk about something neat I came across while just randomly looking through things online. You all know I do love a great subscription box and the horror themed one I used to get just didn’t excite me. I think that’s mainly due to the fact I’m not a huge fan of current horror.

What can I say, I love what I grew up with.

Horror Pack

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