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On May 22nd my niece turned 5. We had her for the weekend, so it wasn’t just one day of stuff. Haha.

On the 21st we took her to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a long day. haha. Just so many people there in general. Somehow I was talked into buying coins, which led to me playing games.

Now on her actual birthday she wanted to go to the zoo. Zoo’s are horrible places and I didn’t want to go, but she asked my boyfriend and I to go with her & my brother. I was just incredibly sad the whole time I was there. Of course since my brother doesn’t have a camera, I had to take pictures.

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Wow, 2016.

Hard to believe it’s 2016, isn’t it? It may be just me, but it seems last year just went by in a flash. As 2016 starts rolling I’m already planning the first trip of the year. The trip will be at the end of April and we’re going to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It’s going to be a weekend trip since the drive will be 6 hours just to get there. I’m super excited over this trip because it’s the first one my boyfriend is going with us on. ^_^ I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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You Never Really Leave My Mind

I know I’ve just been completely horrible at blogging lately. I am trying to blog something real twice a week.

Last week was hard for me to blog because of starting the job.

I worked Tuesday and Thursday 4pm to 8pm. Saturday I worked 11am to 4pm – which is their lunch rush. I’ve only been working on the front registers, which also means cleaning the dinning room and bathrooms – which I honestly have no problem with.

Friday was also my first pay day, but it was only pay for my orientation. So I had an extra $10, which was nice. I did a “test” transfer of $2 from my debit card the money is put on to my bank account. Since I did it on a Saturday it took until today for it to transfer. So today I finished the transfer of the rest of the money.

This week I have the same schedule, which is nice. The time I work Saturday though is their crazy time. Seriously crazy. I was the only one working up front and I had a line, plus there was a line of people waiting on their food.

This Saturday is going to be a long day for me. After work I  have to hurry home and change because I have a little movie date – I am super excited for this!

I did buy a new dress for this little date. ^_^ Sometime this week I have to find my red cardigan though, I have no clue what I did with it.

All I’ve really been doing is working and sleeping.

My niece was here over the weekend and she’s sick. So by the end of work Saturday I was feeling horrible. I came home and drank two glasses of orange juice and took some medicine. Sunday I seriously slept all day. Today I didn’t sleep all day since I have to work tomorrow. I am tired, but that will help me go to bed early…or at least I hope so.

So within the next few days I’ll be posting a better entry and one with loads of pictures.


Blog Title: You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will. by Bright Eyes

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Our Voices Sing In Union

I told myself I was going to blog in the morning so I would have something to do before I had to get ready. Well everything has changed and that leaves me to blogging tonight – I do want to write something before I leave.

I just finished packing. It took me all day – mostly due to the fact that I really wanted to use my favorite suitcase.

My favorite suitcase is an old powder blue 1950’s suitcase, it’s the size of a train case but it opens like a regular suitcase. I just love it so much – and at some point I am going to restore it. I knew in my heart though everything wouldn’t fit in it.

This left me to asking my mom if she had a suitcase I could use. So now I have a late 1960’s/early 1970’s suitcase. At least everything fit…for the most part. This suitcase is a soft sided suitcase, so it was super easy to fit nearly everything in it. I’m just not looking forward to opening it. Haha.

The only things that didn’t fit in the suitcase were my shoes and a couple long sleeve shirts I’m taking. I know it seems weird that I’m packing my shoes, but I’m wearing my boots.

My backpack is going to have my shoes, long sleeve shirts and other things. This sounds super weird but I’m putting my camera charger down in a sock since I have to put it in my backpack – it will be harder for something to happen to it. Plus I’m taking the cable for my camera…oh and photoshop.

I’m taking photoshop with me so we can put it on the laptop. Just in case we take some awesome pictures and have to share them. ^_^

The last thing I haven’t packed yet is all my bath items, I always pack them in their own bag so nothing happens to all my clothes.

My boyfriend is going to be down this way tomorrow afternoon. But in the morning I have to go with my mom out to a tractor show.

Okay, I don’t enjoy tractor shows at all but my mom is taking my niece there to see her dad. He’s staying at the event so this is the only way she can see him. Oh yeah and the best part is there are always loads of yard sales around!

We’re going to leave at 9:30am since it take a half hour to get there. We’ll be able to be there for a while before having to come home so I can be home between noon/1pm.

Since I’ll be with my boyfriend all week I really don’t see me being on social media next week. But if I am it will only be short random things. And I’m sorry now if we spam facebook with random pictures. haha.

I’m just so excited for tomorrow to finally come. Now the downside of it is, I won’t be able to sleep tonight! Not only am I getting to spend time with my boyfriend, but I’m also being able to spend time away from everyone around here – which is well needed.

What can I say, I’m happy.

Oh yeah! This will be my last blog entry until I get back. With that said, Movie Wednesday will be posted since I took the time to write it up so it will post.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great next week! ^_^



Blog Title: Mind The G.A.T.T. by Anti-Flag

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Bouquet Of Dogwood Flowers

I’m so glad the week is over. You guys really have no idea how glad I am. When I got home yesterday I put my pjs on and laid in front of the TV with a couple of the kitties for a few hours. I think I was allowed to do that after that long event was over.

So since I went with my aunt I had to sit outside. Yes even in the crappy weather we had – rain and wind. Oh and with the wind it was so cold.

Finally the lady who was running it had some other people help with bringing everything inside on Saturday. Which pissed my aunt off but made me so happy. We had been sitting outside since Thursday in the mud and rain and well I wasn’t willing to get sick for anything.

So far though it seems like all I have is a sore throat, which I can deal with and I’m taking a small amount of meds to try to fend off the cold that I’m sure is to follow the sore throat.

Considering the crappy weather though I think it went pretty well. The cupcakes sold so well too – one lady came back once a day and would bring a different person each day. ^_^

One of the days I was sitting with my hat off so you seen my hair was blue. This older lady told her granddaughter “Look at her she has blue hair.” This lady looked at me again and asked me “You’re a girl right? Or are you a boy?” I’m used to that question though, but my only problem was the fact that she was asking it openly in front of a child. You shouldn’t teach people to question another person’s gender. I did tell her I’m a girl, because I’m 100% sure she wouldn’t have understood gender fluid. =_=

Sunday was the lady day of the event and we ended up closing early. THANK GOD!

I’m still not sure how much money I made because since we closed kind of at a spur of the moment my aunt didn’t have it all figured out so I’m suppose to go over at some point today to get my money. Plus it’s not like I can spend the money I’m just going to put it in the bank. I’m in saving mode now…which I admit, I hate. It always seems when I’m in saving mode something I’ve been dying to get my hands on goes on sale.

The event you were able to bring yard sale items too. Well One of the vendors we know from her doing all the other events we do. Her daughter had a table as well with some yard sale items. I ended up spending $10 on the yard sale items she had. I bought three pairs of jeans, two shirts, a pair pf pj pants, a tablet case and a wallet. Both of the shirts, pj pants, tablet case and wallet were Hello Kitty. So I think it’s totally okay. haha. I did buy a shirt from another lady, it was just a Superman shirt.

This week though, I’m going to be spending a lot of time doing nothing. I’m not even joking.

I do have so many pictures that I need to edit and get uploaded on DeviantART [link]. I was uploading every Friday night, but when the internet went to crap and we had to change to a new provider I just couldn’t upload anymore. So I’m really hoping to get back on track with doing that. It’s going to take me a while to edit them though because I’m so picky. It’s not that I do a lot of editing – mainly just fixing balance and such – but like I said, I’m picky.

I’m also going to get pictures ready to upload on facebook. I like waiting and doing just a large batch of pictures. I think it’s just easier. I always split them into folders so I can do them by the day so I don’t get them mixed up. I know it’s kind of stupid to have a folder just for 2014 pictures and have 90% of them in my timeline folder, but to me it makes sense. I mean if you’re looking for a picture I took in 2014 just go to the 2014 folder instead of fishing through the random things in the timeline folder. Haha. ^_^

This week also means getting ready for my lovely week away. ^_^

I think at this point we’re both just as excited to spend a week together and just be near each other.

I’m not looking forward to packing though. I suck at packing. And considering I’ll be gone for a week, that doesn’t help with my packing problem. >_<

I did figure I’ll be able to fit jeans, shirts and those kind of things in my suitcase. The bath items and things that are not clothing I think I could just put those in my backpack.

I am taking everything for my camera, just in case there’s a picture we take that we have to share. Yes, we can finally be those annoying couples on facebook that post a picture together every two seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute to take couple pictures together and share them – but not like 10 within one day, I’m sure you haven’t changed that much within a day.

Plus depending on how the weather is – which I hope the weather is awesome – we’re going to be doing some walks around the neighborhood and you never know what I can find to take a picture of.

I am going to go ahead and write up the movie Wednesday post so I can schedule it to post without me having to be around to do it. He told me I could write it while I’m there, but I just think it would be kind of rude for me to be sitting and writing a blog entry instead of really spending any time with him.

Tonight I am going to start writing the post for this Wednesday. I watched the movie Saturday night and thought I was going to be able to start writing it, but by the time it was over and since I knew I had to get up early Sunday, I just didn’t bother with it.

Also, if you want to suggest a movie for Movie Wednesday just leave your suggestion in your comment. ^_^


Blog Title: Wagon Wheel by Against Me!

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