When It’s Hot As Mexico

I was nominated by Sammy for the Liebster Award!

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Japan, no doubt about it. I’ve always been interested in the country as well as they’re small – but growing – punk seen there. I would enjoy spending time with a friend who live in Japan and spending quiet time at the temples of the country.

2. If you play video games, which one(s) are your favorite(s)?
I play Sonic, does that count? I’ve never really been that much into video games. I do love the original Sonic games as well as the original Mario. I do play games like Cooking Mama and Diner Dash.

3. If you could be in the place of any video game character, who would it be? Why?
Well Sonic because he kicks ass..and in the end he saves little animals. But when I think about it Cooking Mama too because she cooks all the time. haha.

4. What is one of your favorite hobbies and how long have you kept at it?
So many hobbies! I love photography and I picked up the hobby in 2005. In 2008 I got my hands on my first 35MM SLR and still use it. I’ve also been sewing since I was about 10 years old. It’s kind of a family thing really.

5. Have you ever met any of your online friends?
Yes. If you’re going to meet at online friend ALWAYS do it in a public place just in case they turn out to be weird or psycho. None of my friends have turned out to be either of those, thank god!

6. What year did you start your blog? Or did you have another blog previous to the one you have currently?
I started a blog (xAngelComplexX, later Angel-Complex.Org) when I was just starting high school – around 2001. I jumped to another domain when I was in 11 grade and kept it for a couple years. After that I stopped blogging and all website things for a few years. After that needed break I bought Stupid-Eyed.Net (2006) and have had it since that time. I’ve played around with the idea of changing my domain, but after all these years it’s kind of become a part of me.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Hmm…well I do blog a lot about food and I do enjoy blogging about food. I also enjoy doing any blogging where I can add pictures, because I just take too many pictures of things sometimes. When I do go to a show, I do totally love blogging about the show and the people I always end up meeting at the shows.

8. What is the first thing you notice when you step outside on a beautiful day?
I always look at the sky for some reason. I think it’s just a habit that came from thinking nice weather never lasts long around here.

9. What is your favorite season or holiday?
Halloween. And Friday The 13th if that counts. Halloween means movie marathons and it being okay to dress up and walk around. It’s the one time of the year I don’t get dirty looks from people for dressing the way I do.

10. Do you have any fur babies/other pet(s)? If so, what type are they and what are their names?
Kitties, lots of kitties. Lola (solid black kitty), Stinky & Stink (black & white twin kitties), Wednesday (solid black kitty), Kitty (tabby kitty), Booger (Black & white kitten), Figaro (black & white kitten), Ruby (solid black kitten), one kitten has no name yet….and there’s Odie (Lab mix).

11. What are you currently reading? Do you enjoy comic books?
I’m not reading anything right now, which makes me feel bad. I did pick up a book about Amish culture at the recent library book sale, I think I’m going to start reading that. I do enjoy comic books and have a small collection.

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