I work a lot.


I know I’ve been a little MIA over the past few months. Only blogging once every few weeks. I feel bad for doing that. Honestly I haven’t felt that I have anything worthwhile to blog about. Well nothing that is major anyways. My life has been pretty boring, all I’ve really been doing is working – and when I get a good day off I spend it with my boyfriend.

Work is still work. Still working toward that management thing, which means three weeks of training at another store. That is something that scares me, going to a different store with people I don’t know and having to be in “charge” of them. The highlight of all of that going on is the fact that I’ll have a hotel room for those three weeks. So it’s kind of like a vacation with work. haha. At the end of the training though, there’s another test. Yep, lots of tests to be a manager. In the end I’m hoping it’s all worth it.

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Making Things


On May 22nd my niece turned 5. We had her for the weekend, so it wasn’t just one day of stuff. Haha.

On the 21st we took her to Chuck E. Cheese. It was a long day. haha. Just so many people there in general. Somehow I was talked into buying coins, which led to me playing games.

Now on her actual birthday she wanted to go to the zoo. Zoo’s are horrible places and I didn’t want to go, but she asked my boyfriend and I to go with her & my brother. I was just incredibly sad the whole time I was there. Of course since my brother doesn’t have a camera, I had to take pictures.

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