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On the 26th I went to Cleveland to see Sundowner [LINK] with Jason and a few of his friends. When Jason had first mentioned I did take a listen to a song, what can I say I’m a sucker for acoustic music – as long as it’s good acoustic. And the show was at a venue I had never been to – Now That’s Class [LINK].

I had an awesome time at the song, even though I really only knew one song by heart. As usual I took a load of pictures so I had to share a few. I have the rest uploaded at my photo gallery, which is still under construction.

Yep, photo gallery. It will be so much easier to upload pictures on there and keep them up to date then it is the way I have pictures uploaded on here. My only question is what categories should I have? Right now I only have the Concert section up and done. I was considering making the main categories: Concerts, Nature, City, Countryside, Animals. There will be subcategories within those.

Aside from working quietly on the photo gallery I’ve also been busting my ass on my Halloween costume. Oh yeah! And I can finally share what I’m going to be. I’m going to be a belly dancer! ^_^ The idea sounded fun so I figured why not. I’ve made everything for my costume as well. Right now I’m in the middle of doing all the beading on the top. The colors are two shades of green and then blue. Right now I’m adding the blue beads to the top, then I have some clear ones I’m going to add on…and last of all is finishing/fixing the sequin work on the top. The other headache is the belt. On accident I put the hooks too close tot he edge so it doesn’t fit as it should.

I also have an apron I’ve been working on. The color combo is black, white & hot pink. It’s super cute and I think the person I’m making it for is going to love it. I have leftover fabric from the apron so I’m going to either make something like a tote bag or matching pot holders to go along with it all. I’m just not sure. I do have to re-cut one piece of the apron, but it won’t take that much fabric at all to re-cut what I messed up. I just didn’t measure the length right, but considering where I was cutting the fabric I’m surprised I wasn’t further off then I was.

I still have the goal of at least having an Etsy shop open by the end of the month. I haven’t given up on that yet, it’s just taking me a while to do it because I want to make sure the pictures for it are all great and everything runs smoothly with it. I also want to have a few envelopes on hand before I start selling so I don’t have to run out to stores to try to hunt them down.

This weekend started off with watching Jason and his friends play Magic [LINK]. People think I’m telling a lie when I say I like watching people play (even video games). I’ve always been a people watcher though.

After the gathering was over we cuddled and he had me watch the first episode of Continuum [LINK]. Yeah, it was new to me since I don’t really watch any channel side from Food Network [LINK] anymore. But it was a good show, I’m just not really into shows with that kind of storyline I guess.

Sunday afternoon we watched ABC’s Of Death [LINK]. Loved it! It was the first time we both had seen it. I really can’t wait for 2 to come out…but that’s not until next year! =_=

We went out for a late lunch after, then he brought me home. I’m always bummed when I know it’s time for me to come home, but it just makes me excited to see him when I see him the next time. I do think it’s good that we don’t see each other every day. It makes the time we’re together even more special.

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Taking A Risk For The First Time

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Thursday was loads of fun! Seriously, it was the best thing I’ve had out in a long time. Who knew dressing up like pirates and doing a basic pub (well bar) crawl could be as much fun as it was!

I did tell Jason before it all started that the idea of the whole night took me so far outside of my comfort zone it wasn’t even funny. But I’m glad he took me out of my comfort zone.

When it comes down to it every time he pushes me outside of my comfort zone I’m glad he does.

Friday was just as much fun…well for me it was.

Friday was just spent cuddling together. ^_^

All of last week though I was super boring while I was finishing up the last bits of my pirate costume. My computer was on the whole time so I could catch up on Supernatural episodes. I’ve finally made it to season 8, but the video I have for episode 5 won’t play on my computer for some reason!!! =_= Which means…I don’t know. It just bums me out.

Though the good thing is I enjoyed season 7 a lot more then I did season 6. Season 6 just seemed like it was the “okay we have to do this” season.

I do know I won’t be able to catch up totally by the time the new season starts, which is going to suck for me because I was planning on starting to watch it again.

Since I guess I’ve run out of Supernatural episodes to watch I’m going to hopefully watch The Raven at some point this week. I’ve had it for so long but I just haven’t felt like watching it.

So this week I’m back to costume working. This time it’s for my Halloween costume. I’m not going to say what I’m going to be until I finish the costume. I did have to sit and rework a skirt pattern for this costume due to the layers and such. Ugh. It was a headache. Good thing is the top of the costume I have my mom willing to help me at least do the major parts to do and I’ll have to do all the small pieces, which are the pieces that will take the longest – that’s why I’m starting on it this week.

I won’t totally be working on it nonstop though because I will be fitting in time to work on an apron a friend ordered from me. I have to have it mailed by the first week of November – which I should have no problem with doing it. I am kind of excited to do the fabric shopping for it.

I know Cherry Delights has been a very slow process when it comes to being able to do online ordering and such, but we’re almost there! ^_^ It’s been a lot of hard work and by the end of October – or sooner – it will all be ready! I re-took pictures of some of the first items that will be offered too – mainly earrings, hair ties and custom purses. I sat working on the logo last night and I know a lot of people won’t like it, but I freaking love it.

Talking about logo, I changed the layout! I’m sure it will be a 50/50 shot of people like it due to the fact that there’s a graphic of myself on the header. I think it’s more of me then the last layout was. I know a lot of people have a “tag line” for their blogs…I’ve been trying to think of one but I just can’t think of one that really fits me or my blog.

Tonight seems like a hot tea and hand sewing kind of night. ^_^

The weather has turned to fall and I’m not ready for it. I won’t have my quilt on my bed so I’m a little cold at night. I plan to get it on my bed tomorrow though.

I guess the only good thing about fall is the fact that it’s okay to lay in bed, watch TV (or movies) and work on little things. ^_^ During the summer if you say that’s how you’re spending a night people think you’re odd, but during cold nights it’s perfectly fine.

Today I did cut out like 100 bows to sew…I’m pretty sure it’s not 100 but it looks like it when they’re all laying in pieces. I only have six finished.

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Engines stop running, but I have no fear

Last week as…just not a good week. Females issues always just makes me so depressed. Even with that though I was able to do a few projects.

Bow Belt

I made myself this super cute vintage inspired bow belt. I have a black skirt I want to wear it with. And since I made one and it’s not a lot of work at all I’m going to add them to the things I’m making/selling, at the price of $7. I love it.


I also made myself a new dress. I used a basic tank dress pattern I made. I found a great black and red fabric too.

Baby Dragon

I also made my first plushie! I made it for Jason. Considering it was my first plushie I think it turned out cute. The hardest part for me was putting the eyes on it.

Right now I’m advertising Halloween costume orders. I know it’s a little early, but it takes a while to make costumes. Mainly though I just really want to do skirts, but I’m willing to do other pieces of costumes. Plus it will give me a little money, I found a wig at a Halloween shop that I really want.

When it comes to Halloween though, I finally figured out what I want to be! I’m going to be a sailor! My plan to is make a two piece costume. A skirt and a crop top – I’m not sure if I want the top to tie in front or not. The skirt is going to be a pleated skirt. The main color is going to be blue, but I think I’m going to put white trim on the hem of the skirt. I already found a pattern to make the hat too.

Thursday is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Which means Jason will be coming to pick me up after he gets off work…yes we’re going out and dressing up like pirates.

This just means this week I will be working on finishing up everything I need. And trying the costume on at least once.

The two major things I really need to finish are my hat and my half cloak. The hat shouldn’t be a problem once I really sit down and look at it. The cloak on the other hand is going to take more time because I’m going to tea stain the fabric. I can’t sew it until I do that, but I can at least cut it out. I have to leave the fabric in the tea for at least an hour, then I have to rinse it off, dry it and possible put it back in the tea for a little bit. Ugh.

In other news…

Last night Jason came down and picked me up. We spent the night watching movies and just spending time together – which is what I needed. I love the way he holds me.

We watched the sun come up too. Before we knew it, it was 7am. We did fall asleep shortly after we realized what time it was.

Jason and I went to this great little diner for a late lunch. It was kind of a rat pack theme…and they sat us at a Frank Sinatra table. ^_^

After we ate we checked out a Halloween shop. I really need a new wig and I found one I love. They really didn’t have a lot out yet though, so I figure we’re going to be going back before Halloween.

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There’s A Muddy Field Where A Garden Was

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This is a little blog I wanted to write for a while. I just never had the time, I guess, to do it. Well considering I’ve been having those wonderful hard times sleeping, and I more then likely won’t sleep tonight…it’s a good time to write this.

I know a lot of people who carry bags and always have a few odd things shoved in there, well not odd but completely random items. I had a spoon in my bag for a couple days because I forgot I had shoved it in there. No worries, it was a clean spoon – I took it because I wasn’t sure if I would need it with what I was leaving the house with for breakfast.

I’m pretty open about what I have in my bag, I don’t care if people know.

I carry the normal items like my wallet, a couple packs of gum, some mints, my mp3 player, my camera…

In one of the outside pockets though I carry condoms and spermicide sheets.

For those who have been reading my blog for years, you guys know that I’m not crazy and having sex with everyone I meet. I’ve never been that kind of person and never will be, yet I don’t point fingers at people who do that. Everyone is free to do whatever makes them happy as a person.

So I guess it seems odd for me to carry those items with me.

My friends know I have them and if they need one or both, I am more then happy to give them to whoever it is. It’s the simple message of protecting yourself.

I know in society it’s seem as a bad thing for females to carry condoms, well sorry society it’s not a bad thing. It’s taking responsibility for your actions. It’s not the guys responsibility to always have some kind of protection, and it’s not against the law for a female to go in and buy condoms.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sex. As long as you’re of age – do it! But do it safely!

I hear all the time about people having babies and the main reason is  the fact that they didn’t have protection and 90% of the time it’s the female saying “He” didn’t have the protection. Well honey, take care of your body too. If you’re too “shy” to buy condoms, buy spermicide.

Spermicide can be bought as a gel or as a sheet. Sheets are easier to fit in your bag. Another good reason for the sheets is there’s no liquid to get all over things if something happens to the bottle. Think along the lines of those breath strips, that’s really what it looks like it’s just bigger. There is a 18% to 29% failure rate with it, as there’s a failure rate with everything but always use more then one.

I guess the whole reason behind me wanting to write this is the fact that females are still scared to buy condoms, and there’s nothing wrong with females buying them.

When it comes to normal life, ugh.

This week I’ve spent two days trying to finish Randi’s apron since I didn’t work on it then ended up cutting pieces out wrong. -_- Tomorrow morning I put the last two stitches in it and I’m finished! Well until she tries it on. I’m sure I’ll have to fix the skirt part of the apron, it looks super long to me. I couldn’t try it on and use my body to mark it or anything so I did my best with guessing. I’ll just have to explain it to her and I’m sure she’ll understand about it all.

I have a skirt like my pirate skirt all cut out and ready to be finished. I used a yellow and white fabric, in the end I think it will look cute.

Tonight I cut out the outside fabric for my half cloak. I was originally going to work on my half cloak for my pirate costume, but the fabric I wanted to use I didn’t have enough of. >_< So I’m going to go through fabric tomorrow morning and see if I can find anything. I have a feeling I’ll have to tea stain something white – which isn’t a big deal at all. But anyways the cloak I’m making right now is just for everyday. The fabric is black and white checkered, and the lining is either going to be red or blue. I remember seeing some great blue fabric where we keep out fabric, but I’m hoping there’s some of the same kind of fabric in red.

I have two big projects that I’m going to start working on next week.

One project is a jacket to go with the whole pirate thing. I already have the buttons for the jacket, but I have yet to figure out what kind of fabric to use. I’ve never made a jacket before, but it looks easy.

The next project is making a pair of pants. The only thing close to “pants” that I’ve ever made was a pair of green leggings.

Tomorrow though is Friday, no more projects!

I think around 2:30 or 3:00 I’m going to head to the coffee shop to use their wifi for a while. I haven’t had good internet at home for like two weeks so I have a few things I really want to update and check out. So I’ll have loads of time to do that. I think I’m going to take my stupid hat with me too so once I’m finished with internet things I can sit and work on it a little bit.

I am excited for the weekend, well for the usual reason. ^_^

Oh yeah and we’re going to a fair. The inner kid in me loves fairs. And the photographer in me loves fairs. I already have my camera all cleared of pictures, when I get up in the morning I’m going to charge it.

When it all comes down to it though, I’m just excited to have a chance to spend time with him. He makes me smile and he doesn’t have to try. Just thinking of him brings a smile to my face. And well, it’s been a while since I’ve smiled with my heart.

Again, I hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe!

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Where is me bed

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Today has been one big sewing day, well for me it has been.

For a while I had been putting off things I wanted to make for myself since I’ve had other things to do. Well since I kind of screwed up on the apron I was making and can’t really do anything until I get more fabric for it, I took the day to work on things for me.

This skirt I’ve had cut out for a while. I even had the panel pieces sewed together, Cherry Skirtbut I had kind of forgotten about it until the other day. I was cleaning up a bit of my sewing mess I had in the living room and found it. I was going to be doing some sewing with red fabric anyways so I figured I’d at least do the hem on it. Well just going the hem turned into finishing the whole skirt. I thought I’d have a bit of trouble with it due to the fact of it being made up of panels, but no problems!

I am going to start selling these pleated skirts (panel and no panel). I’m just flipping around the price in my head. There is a lot of work, and a lot of fabric in each skirt. Plus the elastic for the waist and the hook/eye closure. I was thinking about having a base price of around $25. That would be for a simple solid colored skirt. The price would increase based on size (use of fabric and elastic) and type of fabric (print vs solid). I was thinking about having a somewhat “base” price for the printed pleated skirts right around $35. Some print fabrics though are beyond $10 a yard – and how much fabric I need depends on the size the end skirt will be.

I was finally smart though, I made little templates to use when making the pleats so it doesn’t take me very long at all to put the pleats in. I do them all and pin them, then I go back and double pin so I’m not losing any of them.

In the end though, I’m super thrilled over how it turned out in the end! I really can’t wait to wear it. ^_^

I’ve never been a skirt/dress kind of person, but lately I have been wearing them a lot more. I think it’s because I’m finally feeling a little more like home in my own body. I know that seems odd to hear, but blurring the gender lines is something I’ve enjoyed over the last year. And just because I embrace what society says a female should wear does no mean by any means that I think every female should wear those items. If you’re gender queer, go for it, you’re beautiful! Wear what you want, and don’t let anyone look down on you for doing it.

The next skirt I started work on is for a costume, a pirate costume. I admit, I’ve Pirate Skirtalways wanted a skirt like this anyways. ^_^ So it just means I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this skirt aside from dressing up like a pirate. It was also the first time I made a square circle skirt. Yes, I said square circle. It was super simple and easy. Though I always hem anything I make so it took longer then it should have. I think if I was doing it just out of t-shirt fabric then I wouldn’t hem it and it would only take me maybe 15 minutes to get it cut and sewn. I was going to originally do it just black, but I found enough red fabric. How could I not add a touch of my favorite color? haha.

As far as the rest of the pirate outfit, I’m pretty sure I’m just going to wear my corset as my top. I mean I haven’t ever had a reason to wear it. Considering the weather will be cooling down I may at least get some kind of shrug thrown together just in case. I guess my whole thing is, I don’t want to have to make a top if I have something I can wear.

I have yet to work out some kind of belt though. The only reason behind a belt is so I don’t have to carry a bag just to have my camera/phone. I made another belt pack, this one out of fake leather with a big (fake) pearl button on it. It’s larger enough for my camera, phone and anything else I may need. Now I just need something to wear so I can have it on me. I know the easy thing is to go through belts and just find one…well I have no belts that would fall under this type of costume. I could just do the old (easy) fabric belt. No sewing just cutting. Or I could take some of the fake leather I have left and make one.

I’m just torn on what would look better.

The last thing is my hat. My damn hat that has taken two weeks instead of two Hatdays. I’m still not sure if I like it or not. I’ve never made a hat before and I’m kind of doing it blind. But I just have to remember what I see isn’t what other people see. And I know the picture is bad lighting, I just didn’t want to move from my bed. Haha. It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture, because the hat looks kind of dead for some reason…but I did finish the front stitches on the hat today. All the stitching you see is just “cosmetic”. The back part of the hat is still pinned there, I have yet to be happy with how the back part of it looks to even try to stitch it at all. All of the work though on the hat is hand work. Which means sore little hands because of how much work it takes to get the needle through that stuff. It’s not as hard as real leather, but it’s hard enough for me to have to use pliers sometimes to get the needle pulled through.

Yeah and my wig needs a wash and brush.

Tomorrow I’m going to hopefully work a bit on this tiny painting I’ve been trying to get ideas for…for like three weeks. I think I finally have a solid idea. Since the canvas is tiny anyways I wasn’t going to do anything with detail. I do know I want to take the time to make sure I have a good solid background paint on it before I start painting the main image on it.

I still need to get pictures of a painting I touched up so I can put it in the album of things for sale. It’s just one of the bird paintings I did. I had no idea what was on the canvas but it wouldn’t come off, and what bit came off the rest of the painting was just faded for some reason. I repainted the bits that I screwed up while trying to clean it. From how it looks to me, I don’t think you can tell any of that happened.

I have a 4×5 canvas left too. No clue what I’m going to do with it, I just want to do something fun. Or try something new. I have been talking a lot about giving Pop Art a try. The only thing that really means is doing a lot of reading and looking at Pop Art. I like to know the history and everything about a type of art before I try it. I know about Pop Art, but I want to know more before I start playing with it.

Today I did get a surprise in the mail. What can I say, I don’t really get mail that much at all, so when I get mail it’s a surprise to me. I got a sample of Hemp Hearts. I’ve heard a lot of people liking Hemp Hearts and that it’s something good for you. I read the back of the sample and just with the small sample I received there’s 10g of protein in it. Which surprised me, but also got me thinking to check out what places around here sells Hemp Hearts so I can start adding them to my diet.

I’m back to not being able to sleep at night, or through the night. I thought maybe it was because the dog kept coming in and out all night so I shut my door. That didn’t help. I thought maybe I was getting too hot so I turned the fan on. That didn’t help. Ugh. I just want to sleep.

I didn’t take a nap today though so I’m hoping that will help a little.

Toady I woke up, I guess for the main reason of sending Jason a text…because I fell asleep right after I sent it.

That could come across as cute though, but I swear I was going to get out of bed after I sent it…I just never did because I was watching a new story. I never seen the end of the news story though because I fell asleep.

I just really hope to get this sleeping problem worked out soon. It usually takes me a while to get this problem fixed, which sucks since it happens every few months.

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No More Freedom…For This Week.

My last total day of freedom before the weekend was yesterday. Which bums me out to no end.

This morning, well this afternoon I have to bake brownies for this weekend. Not a big deal. I also have to cook my lentils for sloppy joes we’re having Saturday.

See instead of spending a bunch of money on food at this festival, we just take our own. Though I don’t eat what everyone else eats.

Later this afternoon, around 4, is when we go to the fairgrounds to set up. Depending on how well everyone works it could take two hours or it could take five. I’m really hoping everyone pitches in and it all gets finished quickly. The biggest thing is putting the tent up, it’s huge and normally takes four people to set it up. There’s only two people to set it up…but last year my older brother and I set it up on our own so it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

I really have nothing new for this festival, due to the events of Monday night.

Monday night while my mom and her husband was sitting on the back steps, he just stopped breathing. So when he stopped breathing he fell off the steps. My mom had to do CPR to get him breathing again before she could even call 911. The bad thing on top of it all is she’s sick and hardly has a voice and I was in my room listening to music – so I wouldn’t have been able to hear her even if she screamed. Well two sets of EMTs showed up and come to find out they were going to life flight him but due to the weather they couldn’t. They didn’t even stop at our “large” local hospital, they took him to a larger hospital in Canton – which is about 45 (on the high side) minutes away. They sent him home the next day, all of the tests came back showing nothing wrong. I guess it’s just one of those things we’ll never really know.

The one thing that kind of pissed me off though is the fact that the EMTs left syringes in our yard! They were by the pool so it’s all fenced in, but the dog picked them up and started bringing them in the house. No kids play in the pool area, but they didn’t know that.

So due to all of that and a major lack of sleep I’ve got nothing finished.

I guess the good thing is I’ll be taking my sewing machine with me this weekend so hopefully first thing Friday I’ll be able to get at least one apron finished.

I was also considering taking everything to finish the tops for my Lolita outfits. Well here’s the thing…due to a few events I’m considering not going to con. I don’t really want to discuss it, but…yeah…


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It seems there’s a great little cold going around, yep I have it.

At first I thought it was just allergies or something along those lines because I’ve been sitting outside every morning from about 10am to 3pm. My nose started getting stuffy after someone cut their grass, so I figured that’s why.

Well by the next morning I woke up without a voice and by the time I had a voice it was one of those that you could hardly hear. People don’t hear me that well normally so ugh!

I’m just hoping this cold is over before Thursday because if it’s not…Thursday is going to be such a bad day.

Thursday is set up for the steam show – yippie. Which means hours of standing at the fairgrounds trying to figure out where to put the tables under the tent. Once that’s figured out the next thing is to fill the tables with everything. Not looking forward to it at all.

Then Friday to Sunday 8am to 5pm…I’ll  be there. Though I am hoping to be able to get a little visit with my friend in. ^_^

I am going to take my sewing machine and everything else I need to I can work a bit on the apron Randi ordered for me, the collar she wants, and work on the tops to my cosplays.

Yes, con is closing in fast and I still don’t have tops done. I’m still kind of stuck as to what kind of tops I should do. The maid outfit I was just going to do a basic side zipper sleeveless top with a bit of a lace ruffle going down the front of the top. And I’m completely stuck when it comes to the basic sweet Lolita outfit top. =_= I think what it’s going to come down to for both tops is just a lot of playing around once I get the basic top finished.

I am considering adding some fake pearls to the skirt, as soon as I figure out where I put them. Haha. I’m just trying to add a lot to the skirt so it really looks like a sweet Lolita skirt because I guess right now it doesn’t really look like that. I mean I know it’s not going to be perfect since it’s my first try at any of the Lolita clothing, but I think so far as good.

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Movies and sewing

So last weekend there was the large sale at the fairgrounds. I go every year for the pure fact of not being sure what you’ll find. This year I didn’t really find much at all. I did get a cute little vintage suitcase – with going to cons I need something extra plus my skirts won’t fit in my train case.

I also picked up some clothes. I totally have nothing wrong with wearing second hand clothing. Most of the time the clothing is being put in the “get rid of” pile because it’s not “cool” any more. Well I never care about being cool.

I picked up a Hello Kitty skirt, a great little brown jacket, some random t-shirts…and a dress. Turns out the dress is from H&M. The dress is a babydoll style dress, black and white, with 3/4 length sleeves – it will be right around knee length on me. I honestly can’t wait to wear it because it’s going to be perfect to layer for the winter. ^_^


Finally, here’s a better picture of that painting I took a couple weeks to work on. I’m still looking for the perfect frame though. I think I’m being too picky. All the frames I have on my walls are black and I’d just really like to have it in a black frame. I guess since the new fad is bright colors I may have a hard time finding one.

Brave (2012)

Last night I finished watching Brave (2012) [LINK]. I started it Tuesday but wasn’t able to finish it. It was a pretty good movie, I’m just not a huge fan of  the “Princess” movies. But the good thing is, my niece finally sees a “princess” like her. She has a red tint to her hair and it’s super curly. Sometimes in pictures it doesn’t show up very well. A friend said I should make her Halloween costume the girl from the movie.

The Last Exorcism: Part II

I also finally watched The Last Exorcism: Part II (2013) [LINK]. I enjoyed it! If you only know one thing about me, it’s usually the fact that I like exorcism movies a great deal. When the first film came out, well leading up to the release, I was getting so excited over an exorcism film that looked good coming out. Don’t get me wrong there was been other exorcism films in the 2000s but for the most part, they didn’t hit the mark. The Last Exorcism is one of my favorites in general, and part II is as well. I did love the ending.


The other thing I’ve been working my way through is the TV show Wilfred [LINK]. The reason I started watching it is due to the fact Saturday night Jason and I watched a couple episodes – they were so funny. So when I got home I got season one and season two. Right now I’m half way finished with season two. And since season three is airing now it just gives me time to start on Workaholics [LINK]. I’ve seen a couple episodes, but they were mid-season- not sure what season. So I’m going to give it a try from the start. I have season one and two.

This is going to seem very odd, but what are some pig movies? I mean piggy pig, not cop pig. My niece is in love with pigs and I’ve been trying to find some movies with pigs. I already know Babe (1995) [LINK]. Also keep in mind she’s two, so anything longer then about an hour and 20 minutes and she’s out of the room.

I found myself a film that seems very interesting. It’s not a horror film like I normally watch though, surprise! It’s called About Cherry (2012) [LINK]. I’m hoping to be able to watch it sometime this week/weekend.

Yes, I’ve been spending a lot of time watching movies. But at the same time I’ve been getting things done!

I finished my petticoat, well it’s finished being sewn. I still have to play with the layers and cut them so they’re just right. Both skirts are totally finished. I have yet to even start on the tops. But my thought is to take my sewing machine with me to the craft event next weekend so I’ll have something to do so I’m not sitting there bored out of my mind for three days.

As far as things for the craft event, I’m about 50% finished on the aprons I’m making. Right now I’m just working on the gathered half apron styles. I am making a special crayon apron for my niece – I found farm animal fabric…there are pigs on it. All the other aprons are cut out and ironed. I’m to the point of sewing the pockets for the crayons. Which after I do that it should only take about 10 minutes more to finish them. The ones I’m going to make for boys are not going to be gathered, but they will end up to have less pockets on them.

A friend also ordered a full apron. This will be a first for me,  but it doesn’t seem very hard to do. She’s going to pay me for it Friday so I can pick the fabric up over the weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to take my lace to the coffee shop to at least let her pick the lace out. She wants a black apron with white lace. Which should be easy to do – but we’ll see.

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It’s A New Start

Listening To: Clash City Rockers by The Clash

If you’ve noticed, yes I’ve deleted all the past posts from my blog.


I just think it’s time for a fresh start, and deleting all those posts was the best way for me to start.

With all of that said, how about we get to know each other a little better…though I’m sure most of you already know me very well.

Basic Things
Name: Christa
Age: 26
Sexual Identity: Queer
Living: Ohio
Siblings: Two brothers – One older (5 years), one younger (1 year)
Status: In the middle
Little Ones: 1 Niece
Nickname(s): Cherry, Chris
Hair: Mohawk
Employment: Sewing, Painting
Tattoos: ‘None Timebo Mala’ & a cherry
Piercings: 4 earrings in left ear, 2 earrings in right ear, 1 nose ring

Other Things
Music: Anti-Flag, Sex Pistols, UncommonMenFromMars, Ramones, The Adicts, White Wives, Dandelion Snow, Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, P!nk, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Mischief Brew, The Potato Pirates, Allout Helter, Nine Inch Nails, The Chop Tops – I listen to so much music, this would take me so long to say everyone I love.
Color: Red
Sports: NFL (Pittsburgh Steelers), NHL (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Hobby(s): Photography (35MM, Digital), Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design

If you think of anything else I could put on this little list, let me know so I can update it.

Now to the real part of this blog post…


Cookies is getting big. I’m not too sure how old he is though. I know, I’m a bad cat mommy. And I know this picture is fuzzy and such, but he’s a kitten…need I say more?

Con is only a few weeks away! Which is making me in the ‘holy shit’ mood. When it comes to outfits for con I only have one totally finished, but it’s been finished for months. I just want to have options.

Red Lolita Skirt

This is one skirt I have totally finished. It’s the skirt for a Lolita style maid outfit. I know the maid outfits are usually black and white…well red is my favorite color. Plus it’s good to be different!


Here’s the skirt with the apron. Both still need a good ironing. The apron was SO easy to do, and well I enjoyed making it. Once I had it cut out it only took around 45 minutes to finish it. I will be making another Lolita style outfit that needs an apron.

I still don’t have a top finished for the maid outfit. I have the base of the top cut out but that’s pretty much all I have done to it. I know I need to really get to work on the top since time is running out.

The other outfit I’m working on falls under Sweet Lolita. The skirt is white and yellow, three layers of fabric with bows all over the front of the skirt. I don’t even have a top cut out for this one.

For both outfits I’m doing a petticoat to wear under the skirts. I have it cut out and ready to sew together.


This is the other thing I’ve been working on. It’s not related to cosplay at all. These pictures are of it unfinished, I have yet to get some great pictures of it now that it’s finished.  The title of it is, Bluebird.

There’s the song I got the inspiration for the painting from. I love the song, and the band is pretty kick ass.

I’ve been working on another small painting for a friend. Last night I pretty much got all the major parts of it painting and now I just have the small details to touch up and finish.

As far as my activities of the weekend…

Friday night I was at the coffee shop, as usual. We ended up going to hookah, which I don’t do. I just go to hang out really. Well I was able to talk a friend into showing up at the hookah longue since he lives close to it. I have to say I enjoyed him being there. He’s such a sweet guy, and I enjoy being around him. One of the friends who was there made the remark that it was the first time he had ever heard me talk as much as I had been. ^_^

Saturday started with me at the coffee shop and ended with spending the night with that friend from the night before…a friend I have a huge crush on.

This week is going to be pretty much sewing a few crayon aprons and maybe a few other things. Plus having to finish things for con. Not looking forward to the week really because of all the things I know I have to finish. I have gotten in the habit of holding off on sewing until later – 6pm or later – because then I don’t have people getting in my way. It just works out better for everyone.

Listening To: Hallelujah, I’m Mourning by White Wives

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