Let’s talk about Comic Con!

I know, I know. It’s been so long since I’ve wrote or posted anything. Going on a vacation followed by moving, well that just made everything so hard to catch up on. I’ve also been working, it seems like all the time. Being on opening shift is kind of okay. I mean I get the rest of the day to do things, but it also means I have to go to bed crazy early because I get up at 4:10am.

Now, vacation was amazing. I went to Comic Con with my boyfriend and a couple friends. I just can’t wait to go again in a couple years. There are a lot of people, which is no surprise to anyone. I did have a panic attack while lost in the crowd one day when I didn’t go to the convention – I walked around the city instead.

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Carry On Wayward Son

Con is over. *Insert sadness here*

This was my first con so I didn’t really have expectations, especially since I knew it was a small college con. First since it was a college the con was being held in the student student union building, which was kind of in the middle of all the other buildings. This means it was a long walk from the car. Oh yeah and did I mention Ohio still thinks it’s winter? X_X

I had a skirt on and short sleeves, so I was frozen by the time we got into the building. Once in the building we stood in line for about 20 minutes or so. They had one line that was for students only, but I think when we first got in line they only have one person dealing with everyone who wasn’t a student…by the time I got up to the front there were two people taking money and giving out passes.

Oh yeah, $3 for a pass!

The dealers room was a lot of fun, for me anyways. I admit I did get some ideas for a couple scarves I want to make as well as a couple hats.

There was one lady who had the cutest Lolita accessories, but I didn’t have enough money for any of them…plus even though they were cute I can always make my own. And I forgot to get her card.

I stood in line forever – because two girls thought right in front of this booth was the perfect place to talk – just to buy these two buttons…but I fangirled when I seen them. I didn’t buy a Cas one, but I do have the contact info for the lady selling them so I’m going to email her and ask her how much she would charge me now to buy one of them. ^_^ In the end, I can see myself buying all of the buttons she had.

Within a few minutes of being in the building I seen these two and had to get a picture. ^_^ I found the two best Dean & Cas cosplayers to get a picture with. There were a couple others but…I’m sorry they weren’t that good. Plus one of the Dean cosplayers had a blond wig! What the hell?! Did I miss a whole season where Dean bleached his hair?

I am on a mission to gather the clothing for my Cas cosplay, which is going to be perfect to wear for the colder cons since I’ll have a coat and long sleeves. I will have to buy a wig for it though, but I guess the good thing is since I won’t cosplay Cas a lot I’m okay with buying a cheaper wig.

Those two are the only two I really fangirled over.

I did come across the two most rude Lolitas ever! >_<

They were standing behind me talking about how awesome their Lolita outfits were and they didn’t understand why other Lolitas even bothered to go to the con because their outfits were so bad. Oh yeah, they were dressed in the very generic maid Lolita outfits with no headpiece and no stockings or socks. And they were counting how many pictures people took of them. I just rolled my eyes and didn’t say anything. Other Lolitas were so nice and sweet – as Lolitas are suppose to be.

I hope that no one who came across these two think all Lolitas are that rude!

Now some random con pictures…

Even when you consider those two rude girls, con was so much fun! And I even made a couple friends.

The next con is in June, it’s still up to the universe and how well these next couple months are…I mean I want to go. That con is like a three day con too so it’s so much longer. Plus by June I think I may be able to have my Cas cosplay finished…I’ll be hot as hell but comfy! HAHA!

I’m waiting for someone to pull a couple screencaps from the Tank Girl movie so I can start on that cosplay. I’m going to do an outfit I haven’t seen a cosplayer do, mainly for the fact of the main two outfits being so worn out.

The car ride to where we were staying was about three hours. We stayed in a cabin…a very weird cabin.

The cabin was two stories. Upstairs was a bed, this weird short wall, and two more beds. Downstairs was a living area, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and a room with bunk beds. I slept upstairs by myself…but it was open upstairs so I could look over the rail and see everything going on.

So to be able to swim in the pool we had to get in the car and drive to the main lodge area – which was the hotel. The ride back was hell.

I only went swimming Friday night. I didn’t go with them Saturday night after we got back from con. I stayed at the cabin and got a shower.

The wifi did work, so I was able to find shows on youtube to fall asleep to.

Overall I had so much fun. I’m ready for next year! And next year I’m doing a cosplay that involves pants. ^_^

Blog Title: Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

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Thumbed A Diesel Down

Now Playing: I Just Wanna Start A Circle Pit by Against All Authority

I made crepes for the first time! I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it is. It takes some time and effort to get a perfect crepe. If you don’t watch you’ll end up with a browned crepe…and that’s not what a crepe is suppose to look like.

I filled mine with blueberries, so good. I made a pig of myself and ate three. Oh and I had some leftover so I put some peanut butter one one.

A crepe is pretty much and open canvas to whatever you want to fill it with. A lot of people think they’re only for berries and sweets, but not true. The next time I make crepes I’m going to do a mushroom filling.

I did type up the recipe [LINK]. After I made them I really want to buy a crepe pan now. haha.

Last night I went out with a couple friends…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit picture so I thought it was about time to!

The outfit: Cherry print circle skirt (made by me), Black Stray Cats t-shirt, red waist length cardigan, leopard print flats, black & red checkered bandana, black belt.

It was the first time I wrote the skirt and it fit great, except near the end of the night I realized the binding around the bottom of the skirt was coming off in a small spot. So I’m going to buy some thicker binding and replace it.

Since I wore my circle skirt, I’m pretty stoked to wear my swing dress! I’m thinking about taking it with me for the weekend, in hopes I’ll have a reason to wear it.

Last night while I was out I was able to download some little games to play for the car ride up and back.

I even found apps for cats! I know, cats don’t use tablets. That is a picture of Kitty enjoying Pocket Pond 2.

Here’s a screenshot of Pocket Pond 2. You raise fish, but you can also just watch them swim around – which is what Kitty was doing. Both him and the kittens have enjoyed watching the fish. It also has the sounds of the outdoors – birds singing and if you tap the screen you hear water splashing.

This is another app I got for the cats. It’s a mouse that runs around the screen. When the cat taps the mouse he gets 10 points and the mouse squeaks. So far only one of the kittens have figured out if you touch the screen the mouse makes sounds. The others just watch the mouse run around. Haha.

I’m not going to write about any of the apps I got for myself until I’ve played with them for a while. I don’t want to give people advice on fun apps when they turn out to be horrible. And plus the apps I always end up getting are free. Free is awesome.

I did get two more apps my niece can play. One is a pet spa – where you give the cat/dog a bath and groom him/her. The other one is a kitty birthday party – you make the kitty a cake, dress him/her up, open gifts. There was another one of the kitty games but I couldn’t get it to download for some reason. I’m hoping the hotel has wifi – which it should – so I can try to download it again.

I also got a few more books – not that I needed them. I figure I’ll be able to finish reading the one I’m currently on during the ride up, so I wanted to have a few books to pick from for my next read.

Oh! And I did get skype for my tablet. A friend told me to get it so if I’m stuck in the hotel room bored we can at least talk since I don’t have my phone. ^_^ I just hope I can remember my password.

As it’s getting closer to time to leave I am getting a little more excited. It’s just going to be fun to get out of town for a weekend.

My mom picked up carrots Friday for me to take so I’ll have something to at least snack on. I’m kind of waiting until closer to time to pick up chips or something like that – but my aunt is going out Tuesday so I may just go with her and pick a few things up.

I have collected a few empty water bottles that I’m going to fill with tea and freeze. I know it sounds weird since you can buy tea everywhere, but I’m picky about it and since it’s a city I’ve never been to I don’t want to chance getting gross tea. haha.

I do have to remember to remind the friend I’m riding with to bring his laptop so I can take loads of pictures on the way up and while I’m there and on the way back so I can share everything…so be ready for picture spam next week.

My thought is if I don’t have him bring his laptop and even if I take both cameras I still won’t have enough space. Yes, I take that many pictures on trips.

I was at a zoo for one day and took over 600 pictures, so that’s why I’m trying to cover all my bases. I would ask my mom for my other SD card back but I think she has pictures on it and I don’t really have an empty flash drive to stick them all on – plus that card is only 1gb.

My costume is on hangers inside of a white trash bag – I don’t have a garment bag, works just the same and cheaper! I know most people don’t hang up their costumes, but I’m just afraid if I’d put it in my suitcase the sleeves and stuff like that would loose the puff.

The petticoats are on hangers inside another bag…even if I wanted to they would never fit inside my suitcase!

While I was putting them inside the bag Friday afternoon my niece had to try them on.

The headpiece is going to be a last minute sewing job because I have to put my wig on and place the headpiece on to see where the clips need to go and sew…so I figure I’ll do that Friday night at the hotel.

My wig is all ready to go – but I will need a brush for it because I’m just going to put it in my suitcase. That’s a last minute packing item for sure!

Tomorrow I’m going to put together a mini sewing kit. I’m only taking white thread though so I hope no one needs to sew anything last minute.

Now I’m down to the hardest choice ever. Do I take the bag I use at my “purse” and my Hello Kitty backpack or just my backpack? I will have things I’ll want with me in the car – tablet, camera, gum, snacks, chapstick, MP3 Player, headphones and I’m sure a few other things.

I do have a serious question: How do I get a smell out of my suitcase? The suitcase just hasn’t been used in a while and it has a musty smell to it. I’ve let it air out for a few days and it’s not as strong as it was but you can still smell it. It’s the main reason I haven’t packed things I could now because I don’t want clothes to smell like that.

As far as what clothes I’m packing…no clue. Well except for my swing dress. I do want to take an extra change of clothes, just in case something happens. It’s just hard to pack when the weather has been crazy and when you’re not sure what you’re going to do.

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See Me Cruising Down Route 666

It’s to believe yesterday it was in the high 60’s and today it’s well below 50!

The good thing is I think everyone was able to enjoy the weather in their own way. Puppy & Wednesday sat on the back steps. Wednesday was born around Halloween so this is her first true time figuring out what’s outside.

She could hear birds but she wasn’t able to spot them. The other kittens were outside from time to time too.

I used the nice weather to get out of the house for a few and use my camera. Boy have I missed going outside.

I also used yesterday to turn music up and hang up some paintings I’ve been putting off. That wall has been a while in the making and all three of those paintings are based on songs. One day when I have the extra cash – and remember – I am going to buy frames for them, but they’re fine the way they are now.

Last night I was trying to renew my domain. I made a stupid little accident and typed the wrong amount I wanted to transfer to my Name Cheap account. Well I think they acted on my request and refunded the money so I can add the right amount and renew my domain. The downside is I can’t get my online banking site to load so I’m not 100% sure – I want to be super sure about it so I’m not digging a hole with my account. Last thing I want to do.

Today my niece and I got new temporary tattoos. They’re the super cheap ones that start to fade within an hour though.

It’s so cold today I just wanted to stay in bed, but that didn’t happen since my niece was here…and well to be honest that would never happen.

With the convention coming up I did finally pick which outfit I’m going to wear. I’m going to wear my Little Bo Peep costume since I’ve had so much time put into it already. Tomorrow I’m going to try it on one last time to make sure everything is great with it, and then I’m going to get it on the hangers and in a bag so that’s one less thing I need to think about getting together.

I think I am getting more excited as it comes closer, but I’m still nervous.

Snacks and such are things that I’m trying to think about gathering a few before hand. I won’t have the extra money to eat out so I figure I can take a few things to eat. I mean most hotels have fridges and we have so many coolers around here.

As far as drinks go I’m going to take some empty water bottles and fill them with tea. So much cheaper compared to buying something at gas stations!

I’m also considering making some kind of bean dip, the kind I make is a take on hummus so there’s nothing like cheese or milk in it.

Easter is coming up too!

Last night my niece said she wants the Easter bunny to bring her a La La Loopsey…or however you spell it…the reason? Her mom told her she’s not going to buy her one, EVER! I can honestly believe she said that. So this just means my mo and I will be hunting down one of those dolls before Easter.

Oh yeah! Yesterday morning I woke up and one of the first things I did was I lost the ball for my nose ring. I spent so long looking for it and I finally gave up. So I ended up having to change my nose ring…and I realized how much I hate doing it. The nose ring I put in, I think is a bit smaller compared to how large the loop on the other one was. And the ball for this one is staying in so much better. I think the old nose ring was stretched out or something and that’s why the ball wasn’t staying in.

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One Perfect Night’s Not Enough

What a crappy weekend.

Friday afternoon I was in town with my aunt, mainly because I needed to go to the bank to deposit money. The bank wasn’t the only stop.

Before I left my house though I was on my phone checking my bank account, only to see I had a few extra dollars in my account! The reason for this is there was something I was thinking about buying and I kept thinking I didn’t have that extra money…when I never ordered what I was looking at. haha.

I also had to mail a package before going to the bank so I only put $5 in my account – which is enough to renew my domain and still have extra left in my account.

And my aunt gave me some money to put in my account to order her something from ebay since she doesn’t have a computer. Which I’ve already ordered what she wanted.

I do have to get on ebay sometime to complain about a package I ordered nearly a month ago and I still don’t have it. I want a refund if I don’t get it any time soon.

Anyways…with the little cash I had on me I did buy a few things, but I bought nothing for me.

I bought my niece this magic wand that makes noise when you shake it and I found a piggy coin purse.

After I talked with my mom yesterday I think we’re going to do an Easter egg hunt for Easter…as long as there isn’t snow. We have a bunch of those plastic eggs so we’re going to get little candies and things to put in the eggs.

So we’re leaving for con on March 21st around 11am.

I know it’s so early to be thinking about things, but what can I say I don’t want to forget anything at home or not get something finished.

My goal is to be packed on the 20th – as far as a couple outfits, pjs and things like that goes. The morning of the 21st I’m going to gather up all my bath items and get a little sewing kit together.

The big thing is going to be taking the two outfits. One of them I have on two hangers with a plastic bag over it – I still need to fix the front ruffle on that one. So I’m going to be looking through the house for two more plastic hangers and another plastic bag that will fit over this outfit. I’m going to take both petticoats just in case I get there and I don’t like wearing one I have another one to wear. And I’m just not sure how to pack my wig. I still do have the net on it that it came in the mail with, so I may try to put it with my clothes. I don’t know.


This is the top of my new outfit, so far. It is suppose to have four buttons but two of them came off when I was trying to sew the white ribbon on it. But I love the buttons! I was going to use smaller brass buttons but when I found these huge white ones I had to use them.

The last major thing I have to do to the top is the collar of it. I have it sewed together, I’m just waiting until tomorrow to iron it…once I iron it I have to figure out how I’m going to sew it on. Fingers crossed what I have in my mind comes to life.


And this is the skirt so far. For the most part it’s finished. The only major thing left is adding a bit white bow to the back of it. I was thinking about adding some beading work to it but it’s all going to come down to when I finish the top if I have time for that kind of work.

I have tried the skirt and top on, but I haven’t tried them on together. I’m kind of scared to because I don’t want it to look horrible. Unlike some people I don’t have $300+ to spend on an outfit, so I know mine are going to just look so bad next to theirs. That is honestly the only reason I’m scared of going to con.

Aside from that I’m excited to go. As I said we’re leaving the 21st and won’t be coming home until the 23rd.

I am worrying about having the money to eat on. To get in the con it’s only $3, but eating isn’t going to be that cheap. Well at the con it should be because it’s a college and well college kids don’t have a lot of money. Fingers crossed it works out that way. But it’s around a 3 hour drive from home to where the con is so since we’re leaving around 11am I’m sure we’ll have to stop for a snack or something…same way with coming home – plus dinner Friday night and at least breakfast Sunday morning.

My mom is going to pick up some snack food when she goes to the store this week so at least I’ll have some snacks while I’m sitting in the hotel room.

Due to con and a few other things I am doing something special for blog readers with my etsy shop [LINK] – or not through my shop. This is for US people only – all bow earrings and (bow) keychains I’m offering free shipping! ^_^ If you order any of the bow earrings/keychains drop me an email and I’ll take the shipping from your order or drop me an email and we can do an order through paypal!

I’m also thinking about doing a mini giveaway to celebrate my blog turning 8. It won’t be a huge thing due to money and it will only be open to the US only, I’m still on the fence about doing and I’m not even sure what will be in the giveaway. I’m glad I still have a little time to think about it. haha!

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