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I made crepes for the first time! I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to me it is. It takes some time and effort to get a perfect crepe. If you don’t watch you’ll end up with a browned crepe…and that’s not what a crepe is suppose to look like.

I filled mine with blueberries, so good. I made a pig of myself and ate three. Oh and I had some leftover so I put some peanut butter one one.

A crepe is pretty much and open canvas to whatever you want to fill it with. A lot of people think they’re only for berries and sweets, but not true. The next time I make crepes I’m going to do a mushroom filling.

I did type up the recipe [LINK]. After I made them I really want to buy a crepe pan now. haha.

Last night I went out with a couple friends…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit picture so I thought it was about time to!

The outfit: Cherry print circle skirt (made by me), Black Stray Cats t-shirt, red waist length cardigan, leopard print flats, black & red checkered bandana, black belt.

It was the first time I wrote the skirt and it fit great, except near the end of the night I realized the binding around the bottom of the skirt was coming off in a small spot. So I’m going to buy some thicker binding and replace it.

Since I wore my circle skirt, I’m pretty stoked to wear my swing dress! I’m thinking about taking it with me for the weekend, in hopes I’ll have a reason to wear it.

Last night while I was out I was able to download some little games to play for the car ride up and back.

I even found apps for cats! I know, cats don’t use tablets. That is a picture of Kitty enjoying Pocket Pond 2.

Here’s a screenshot of Pocket Pond 2. You raise fish, but you can also just watch them swim around – which is what Kitty was doing. Both him and the kittens have enjoyed watching the fish. It also has the sounds of the outdoors – birds singing and if you tap the screen you hear water splashing.

This is another app I got for the cats. It’s a mouse that runs around the screen. When the cat taps the mouse he gets 10 points and the mouse squeaks. So far only one of the kittens have figured out if you touch the screen the mouse makes sounds. The others just watch the mouse run around. Haha.

I’m not going to write about any of the apps I got for myself until I’ve played with them for a while. I don’t want to give people advice on fun apps when they turn out to be horrible. And plus the apps I always end up getting are free. Free is awesome.

I did get two more apps my niece can play. One is a pet spa – where you give the cat/dog a bath and groom him/her. The other one is a kitty birthday party – you make the kitty a cake, dress him/her up, open gifts. There was another one of the kitty games but I couldn’t get it to download for some reason. I’m hoping the hotel has wifi – which it should – so I can try to download it again.

I also got a few more books – not that I needed them. I figure I’ll be able to finish reading the one I’m currently on during the ride up, so I wanted to have a few books to pick from for my next read.

Oh! And I did get skype for my tablet. A friend told me to get it so if I’m stuck in the hotel room bored we can at least talk since I don’t have my phone. ^_^ I just hope I can remember my password.

As it’s getting closer to time to leave I am getting a little more excited. It’s just going to be fun to get out of town for a weekend.

My mom picked up carrots Friday for me to take so I’ll have something to at least snack on. I’m kind of waiting until closer to time to pick up chips or something like that – but my aunt is going out Tuesday so I may just go with her and pick a few things up.

I have collected a few empty water bottles that I’m going to fill with tea and freeze. I know it sounds weird since you can buy tea everywhere, but I’m picky about it and since it’s a city I’ve never been to I don’t want to chance getting gross tea. haha.

I do have to remember to remind the friend I’m riding with to bring his laptop so I can take loads of pictures on the way up and while I’m there and on the way back so I can share everything…so be ready for picture spam next week.

My thought is if I don’t have him bring his laptop and even if I take both cameras I still won’t have enough space. Yes, I take that many pictures on trips.

I was at a zoo for one day and took over 600 pictures, so that’s why I’m trying to cover all my bases. I would ask my mom for my other SD card back but I think she has pictures on it and I don’t really have an empty flash drive to stick them all on – plus that card is only 1gb.

My costume is on hangers inside of a white trash bag – I don’t have a garment bag, works just the same and cheaper! I know most people don’t hang up their costumes, but I’m just afraid if I’d put it in my suitcase the sleeves and stuff like that would loose the puff.

The petticoats are on hangers inside another bag…even if I wanted to they would never fit inside my suitcase!

While I was putting them inside the bag Friday afternoon my niece had to try them on.

The headpiece is going to be a last minute sewing job because I have to put my wig on and place the headpiece on to see where the clips need to go and sew…so I figure I’ll do that Friday night at the hotel.

My wig is all ready to go – but I will need a brush for it because I’m just going to put it in my suitcase. That’s a last minute packing item for sure!

Tomorrow I’m going to put together a mini sewing kit. I’m only taking white thread though so I hope no one needs to sew anything last minute.

Now I’m down to the hardest choice ever. Do I take the bag I use at my “purse” and my Hello Kitty backpack or just my backpack? I will have things I’ll want with me in the car – tablet, camera, gum, snacks, chapstick, MP3 Player, headphones and I’m sure a few other things.

I do have a serious question: How do I get a smell out of my suitcase? The suitcase just hasn’t been used in a while and it has a musty smell to it. I’ve let it air out for a few days and it’s not as strong as it was but you can still smell it. It’s the main reason I haven’t packed things I could now because I don’t want clothes to smell like that.

As far as what clothes I’m packing…no clue. Well except for my swing dress. I do want to take an extra change of clothes, just in case something happens. It’s just hard to pack when the weather has been crazy and when you’re not sure what you’re going to do.

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Drawing Me In With Those Big Brown Lion Eyes

I had no reason to be nervous or scared about last night.

In the end I had a fun time and I hope he did too. It was great to see his face in front of me and just randomly talk. ^_^


He did bring me a little gift that made me laugh. I usually don’t like Oreos at all but all last week all I wanted was an Oreo. Every time I was at the store I just forgot about picking some up. So he brought me a whole package of Oreos. It was really sweet.

Stack The States

This was the free app of the day on Tuesday, so I figured I’d give it a try. Half of the time with games I don’t even play a whole game before I realize I don’t like it. Stack The States is fun though – yes even though I know all the states and everything. You answer questions to get a state and on the screen here’s a checkered line. You have to stack enough states to reach that line. And there was other small games you can unlock.

Free Flow

This is another free game that I love. It’s called Free Flow. It’s super simple and a great time killer. You pick a time limit and just connect the colored dots. But you have to use the whole board!

I still only have a handful of games on my tablet. Most of the room on my tablet is filled by books – mostly cookbooks.

I did find a book on gardening in a small space. Every year I try to grow a garden my older brother’s dog makes it a point to come and dig everything up. So I’m thinking about moving it closer to the house this year and seeing how well that works. I’m glad it’s still cold though because I have no idea what I want to grow.

I am thinking about growing carrots because my niece loves them and I think she’ll like picking them out of the ground.

As always we’ll have raspberries. haha.

Oh and I have kind of cool news! On the 22nd I’ll be at a con! It’s a one day con but I’ll be there all weekend with a couple friends. So these next two weeks are going to be me working on costumes.

I’m going to try to fix the ruffle for the little bo peep costume. It shouldn’t take that long, it would only take long if I have to take it completely apart – which right now I don’t think I have to.

I’m also working on that new costume I’ve been talking about. I started sewing it last night, but I was only sewing the top ruffle for the skirt. It’s going to be white and a light green. The bottom ruffle is going to be solid white. I don’t even have the bottom ruffle cut out yet – mainly because I know this top ruffle is going to take so much more time.

By the time I go to bed tonight I’m hoping to have the top ruffle finished and the bottom ruffle cut out and hemmed.

My thought is to get the skirt together first since it won’t take as much time as the top will. I don’t even have the ruffle for the collar thought about yet. haha.

I’m doubting if I’ll be able to get this costume finished in time.

I know it’s only a one day con but I want to take two Lolita costumes because I don’t know what I’ll feel like on that way.

I am super excited to wear my new wig though. And both of my Lolita costumes are skirts but I wear tights under both of them so I’ll be warm no matter what! haha.

This new costume I’m going to have a basket – I’ll make a basket liner – and I’m going to have a basket of green & white mints. ^_^ So This new costume has gone from Alice In Wonderland to Mint Queen. haha.


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I Want To Wake Up, In A City That Never Sleeps

Happy 2014!

Wow…did I really say that? 2014 already? Hard to believe!

So what are my memories from 2013 that will live on into 2014?

One of the major things would be the first time I met Jason. I was so nervous that he wouldn’t see anything in me and would really want nothing to do with me. We met at the end of July and it’s already January. I still get those butterflies too.

My niece finding a love for singing – basic children’s songs – has to make the list. It’s funny because she has a bit of a lisp, and the songs don’t come out like they should. She replaces ‘I’ with ‘Me’.

In 2013 I tried (vegan) sushi for the first time and have quickly grown a love for it. My favorite favorite favorite is avocado.

I started selling my crafts online [LINK]. It was a long process to get it together and off the ground but I’m glad I put the it together.

Jason and I went to our first concert together – Sundowner – and I’m pretty sure he had as much fun as I did.

And through the year I’ve grown closer to friends who don’t live around me. The few friends I’ve grown super close to I know I can trust everything with them and I’m glad they’re in my life to support me and kick me in the ass when I need it.

I know my top memories really are not much compared to others but this year wasn’t very eventful for me. In the end though it was a good year.

In 2014 one of the major things on my list is to open my shop up to international shipping. I haven’t done it yet though because of the high cost it will be and I’m honestly not sure if people are willing to pay so much in shipping for small handmade items. For international readers, would you be willing to pay the high shipping for something that is homemade?

Another thing that’s on the top of my 2014 list is to do a ‘XXX books in 2014’. I know it’s already the 1st and I haven’t made a page or even picked the number of books I want to read. I know every year I expand my creativity but I’ve been lacking on expanding my mind – which I’m highly ashamed to admit. Considering I’ve started reading a book only a few hours ago I think it’s okay to not have a page up for the list of books I’ve read. What number of books do you guys suggest I read? I’ve seen people do 25, 50 and 100 – I just don’t think 25 is too low. I know people are busy with life and studies so I understand .

I do plan to make do a movie challenge though! I know everyone knows how much I enjoy a good film – especially b-rate. So I’m going to challenge myself to watch 200 movies in 2014 – 150 movies I’ve never seen before. This will count both older films and new films. I’m going to have a page for that on here, and I’ll also have a page on TaV [LINK] for it – I’ll also be reviewing the films.

On a sewing note, in 2014 I plan to work more on construction of clothing. I’m 100% self taught so I think it’s something great to work toward. The goal is to understand and get good enough at construction to make myself a knee length coat.

With my little reflection on 2013 and looking forward to 2014 over I’ll most onto what I did yesterday and today.

Yesterday I really spent the day laying around and sleeping. I had this great idea to go with Missy to work. She worked from 11pm to 7am. I figured it would be funny with everyone coming from the bars and celebrations. There was one point during the day there was no one there. It was so quiet. But that was after the bar crowd was there. One table was eight people. One of them – adults – thought throwing food was a good idea. The lady should be happy I didn’t get up and punch her when whatever she was throwing hit me!

One of the guys that works at a local bar made it in around 5am or so when there as no one else there. I talked to him about music – he thought I listened to metal due to my look – and a few random things.

Then around 6am a group of 20 people came in! Yes one table with 20 people! So she had to push tables together and everything. Within a few minutes of them sitting down a table of 10 came in. So we didn’t get out of there until after 8am.

It was well worth it though – I love people watching! And I also was able to find and download a free coat pattern! I’m super excited to look at it and see how much fabric I need so I can start keeping an eye out for fabric on sale for it. I finally was able to load all my books on my tablet. 90% of them are cookbooks or even craft books. I just can’t help myself when I find free cookbooks or craft books. Haha!

I did download a couple apps that my niece can play with. One is making a pizza – she made a pizza for my mom this afternoon…it had carrots, candy canes and strawberries on it. I did download another app for preschool kids but it wasn’t worth it so I deleted it. The other app I’m keeping for her is a finger painting app – okay I might use it too. ^_^

I did break down and get the app of the day for today through amazon called Little Things Forever [LINK – this is the google play link]. I haven’t really played it yet, but I looked at the screen shots and it looks like a lot of fun. My mom is addicted to those hidden object games, so I’m sure if I need help finding one of the objects I won’t have my tablet for a while because she’ll keep playing. haha.

Another app I found is one that helps you find cruelty free products. It’s going to come in super handy for sure. Next time I have wifi I’m going to look for an app that help you pick out vegan foods – when you find something new it just gets so tiring having to read everything that’s in it before you know if it’s okay to buy. An app would just make shopping so much quicker.

Last night I did pay a bill off, then I ordered  something fun for Jason. ^_^ It won’t be here until around the 17th and that’s just going to kill me!

While I was doing bills and shopping I did look at my domain that needs renewed on the 16th – I’m a few cents short to pay it with my credits! And I don’t have enough in the bank because the lowest amount you can add to your account is $10. >_< I’m going to contact them and see if there’s a way around it since it is really just a few cents. I had two domains that needed renewed on that day so I renewed the cheaper one first – which is my photoblog [LINK]. Ugh. It’s just so stupid that they can’t take the credit from my account first then that the rest from my bank account.

Yesterday before going with Missy I finally got my package from Lori – okay I say finally because I’m pretty sure it was at the post office on Monday. Now…picture spam of some of the fun things she sent me. ^_^

Hello Kitty Shoes

Hello Kitty Van’s! If you don’t know, Van’s are the only “daily” shoes I wear. My boots and Mary Janes are both different brands but when it comes to shoes I wear for basic day to day needs it’s Van’s. So Van’s teamed up and did a line of Hello Kitty shoes. Around here I couldn’t find them and Lori found them at an outlet store. They are a bit more roomy than my old ones, but the great thing is I can wear socks with these ones now…wearing no socks makes your shoes yucky and smell bad so I won’t have that problem with these.

Love Shirt

I do love this shirt!

Wild & Free

This sweatshirt is all related to White Wives. They have a song ‘Grow So Wild & Free’. I’m so glad Lori found this and picked it up. It’s a small so it’s big on me, but the right kind of big. I washed it and wore it last night and just wore a tank top under it – so comfy! The fabric is so soft too, I’m going to look up the company that made it and order more sweatshirts from them. And it’s the best kind of fabric too because it is thin enough to wear during a cool spring day as well. Last night I wore it with a pair of pink skinny jeans and I can’t wait to pair it with a pair of black leggings.

Hello Kitty

Yes I’m a Hello Kitty fan. And these made me smile. My niece already took the tennis one. I have the pie one on my desk – the pie smells like cherry too! I’m going to put the artist one on my nightstand.

Hello Kitty

Band Aids, stickers and ribbon! I admit, I will be using the band aids for the right reason. And the ribbon I’m going to save because I want to make a Hello Kitty themed Lolita dress.

Hello Kitty

The package on the left was a mega block Hello Kitty. She came with a lollie pop. The middle is a cute Hello Kitty bracelet. And the last little package is “America The Beautiful”. The state I got was Oregon – so she’s dressed up like a beaver! ^_^

Hello Kitty

And lately some stickers and a notebook. Two sets of the stickers are confetti stickers – which I’ve seen before but never Hello Kitty ones. And the notebook will come in handy. I keep changing passwords and such so I can keep track of them in a notebook finally.

Tonight I did finally do something – aside from lay in bed and ready. I finally started cutting the pieces out for my dress.

Swing Dress

This is the dress I’ll be making. The skirt of the dress will be 18 inches of black & white fabric with red cherries on it – 4 inches of the bottom of the skirt will be solid black fabric. The bodice (top) of the dress will be solid red fabric. The straps are going to be black fabric with red cherries on it. And the belt is going to be solid black fabric. ^_^

To my huge surprise it didn’t take that long at all to cut out and honestly I wanted to start sewing it tonight. Construction of dresses has always scared me and I don’t know why. It’s so simple. I’ve only been making clothing for about three years now and I think in those few short years I’ve come very far compared to where I started. Ever since I started sewing I secretly wanted to have a clothing line. Well that’s a huge dream, so I’ll be happy with making a clothing line just for myself. ^_^ A clothing line with a vintage spin and punk at heart.

I’ve promised myself to hold off on buying back seam stockings until it’s spring – which I’m sure I’ll break that rule soon. Haha.

Is there a time period that you LOVE the clothing from?

As you can see in the dress I do adore the 40’s/50’s. I’m not super girlie at all, but the clothing was just great. I’m not a fan of high waist clothing though – I’m short so it’s just not a good look even if it is clothing made for my body. I do dream of having a pair of high waist sailor shorts though. With that said the clothing from the 60’s – especially the hippie clothing, I love that too.  All of the clothing I wear though will always have a punk influence to it. This dress I’m making is full of red and black – but also reflects my love for rockabilly. Cherries are greatly used within the rockabilly community. The first time I wear the dress I will pair it with a pair of fishnet stockings and combat boots.

Fashion shouldn’t be something to be afraid of, even if you don’t know anyone who embraces the kind of fashion you do. Fashion is a way to show the world who you are without having to say a word.

With all of that said, I think it’s time to get in bed. It’s already past 1am.


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