Carry On Wayward Son

Con is over. *Insert sadness here*

This was my first con so I didn’t really have expectations, especially since I knew it was a small college con. First since it was a college the con was being held in the student student union building, which was kind of in the middle of all the other buildings. This means it was a long walk from the car. Oh yeah and did I mention Ohio still thinks it’s winter? X_X

I had a skirt on and short sleeves, so I was frozen by the time we got into the building. Once in the building we stood in line for about 20 minutes or so. They had one line that was for students only, but I think when we first got in line they only have one person dealing with everyone who wasn’t a student…by the time I got up to the front there were two people taking money and giving out passes.

Oh yeah, $3 for a pass!

The dealers room was a lot of fun, for me anyways. I admit I did get some ideas for a couple scarves I want to make as well as a couple hats.

There was one lady who had the cutest Lolita accessories, but I didn’t have enough money for any of them…plus even though they were cute I can always make my own. And I forgot to get her card.

I stood in line forever – because two girls thought right in front of this booth was the perfect place to talk – just to buy these two buttons…but I fangirled when I seen them. I didn’t buy a Cas one, but I do have the contact info for the lady selling them so I’m going to email her and ask her how much she would charge me now to buy one of them. ^_^ In the end, I can see myself buying all of the buttons she had.

Within a few minutes of being in the building I seen these two and had to get a picture. ^_^ I found the two best Dean & Cas cosplayers to get a picture with. There were a couple others but…I’m sorry they weren’t that good. Plus one of the Dean cosplayers had a blond wig! What the hell?! Did I miss a whole season where Dean bleached his hair?

I am on a mission to gather the clothing for my Cas cosplay, which is going to be perfect to wear for the colder cons since I’ll have a coat and long sleeves. I will have to buy a wig for it though, but I guess the good thing is since I won’t cosplay Cas a lot I’m okay with buying a cheaper wig.

Those two are the only two I really fangirled over.

I did come across the two most rude Lolitas ever! >_<

They were standing behind me talking about how awesome their Lolita outfits were and they didn’t understand why other Lolitas even bothered to go to the con because their outfits were so bad. Oh yeah, they were dressed in the very generic maid Lolita outfits with no headpiece and no stockings or socks. And they were counting how many pictures people took of them. I just rolled my eyes and didn’t say anything. Other Lolitas were so nice and sweet – as Lolitas are suppose to be.

I hope that no one who came across these two think all Lolitas are that rude!

Now some random con pictures…

Even when you consider those two rude girls, con was so much fun! And I even made a couple friends.

The next con is in June, it’s still up to the universe and how well these next couple months are…I mean I want to go. That con is like a three day con too so it’s so much longer. Plus by June I think I may be able to have my Cas cosplay finished…I’ll be hot as hell but comfy! HAHA!

I’m waiting for someone to pull a couple screencaps from the Tank Girl movie so I can start on that cosplay. I’m going to do an outfit I haven’t seen a cosplayer do, mainly for the fact of the main two outfits being so worn out.

The car ride to where we were staying was about three hours. We stayed in a cabin…a very weird cabin.

The cabin was two stories. Upstairs was a bed, this weird short wall, and two more beds. Downstairs was a living area, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and a room with bunk beds. I slept upstairs by myself…but it was open upstairs so I could look over the rail and see everything going on.

So to be able to swim in the pool we had to get in the car and drive to the main lodge area – which was the hotel. The ride back was hell.

I only went swimming Friday night. I didn’t go with them Saturday night after we got back from con. I stayed at the cabin and got a shower.

The wifi did work, so I was able to find shows on youtube to fall asleep to.

Overall I had so much fun. I’m ready for next year! And next year I’m doing a cosplay that involves pants. ^_^

Blog Title: Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas


  1. Sorry about the two rude Lolitas but I’m glad you had fun nevertheless! Man, I can’t wait to go to my first con in June which will be great, I just know it!

    Awesome pictures and can I dare say it? You look great! I recognize some of the cosplays that people did in those pictures.

    Yay! Glad you had a really good time, I’m cosplaying in a dress instead of pants but that’s okay, because by the time it hits June, it is going to be hot. Texas edition hot and humid. Lol

    Good luck on finishing your Cas cosplay! Woot! I know you can do it!

  2. I’m so glad you had fun! I went to a comic con with one of my friends years ago and I had a good time. There were tons of really neat vendors and there was a lot of Sanrio stuff. I didn’t cosplay as anything (because I had no idea at 18 what that meant…omg almost a decade ago…), but I still had a blast playing DDR. There was a show on SyFy recently called Heroes of Cosplay and they all reminded me of those two rude girls you are talking about. Granted they got paid to cosplay and competed…but still…rudeness is never an attractive feature! Glad you had fun!

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