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This week is just going to overly suck, I don’t have that person I always talk to. It has really bummed me out but I am trying to make the best of the week. I just never realized how much I talk to him until today, I miss him a lot. It’s just the small goofy texts that make my day.


I’ve been trying to keep my mind off missing him by keeping busy.

I admit, yesterday (Monday) I didn’t keep myself busy. I just laid around and watcher Supernatural. With that said, I was able to submit two job applications. Crappy internet kind of doesn’t help when you’re trying to apply for anything. =_=

Today I kept busy by doing a few things.

First thing I did was sew on a couple things. I was able to get one apron sewn together and the second one…I ran out of thread! I haven’t finished the second apron because we don’t have any thread that matches what I was using and it was just too cold today to walk over to my aunts to see if she has any that matches.

When I was finished with that I went to my room. I admit, I don’t keep my bedroom spotless and ever since I’ve been working on running the online shop and going to events I’ve really let it go. So I’ve started spring cleaning!

I know it’s not even close to spring, but like I said I’m trying to keep myself busy.

The first thing was my closet. First off it’s not really a closet. My bedroom doesn’t have a closet, so I have a nice sized bookcase that I use for a closet. And I have three baskets on the shelves for socks and such. I still don’t have a curtain made from the front of it though, which needs done.

Two of the shelves had t-shirts and I also had a stack of shirts that wouldn’t fit any where. I was able to get rid of at least four grocery bags of shirts! It felt so good to just let them go! And I know the shirts are going to a good place – we donate clothing to local churches and such. The biggest part of my shirts are band shirts and well I’m sorry I will never let them go.

Last week I let around 10 pairs of jeans go.

Today I also got rid of maybe three pairs of pajama pants. ^_^

Now all my shirts fit on both shelves!

When it came to the basket my underwear is kept in…it was a mess. The basket is a nice sized basket, so in the back of the basket I had a could dresses and well everything was just thrown in there. Folding underwear isn’t fun but I got it done. I even threw out older pairs – the kind that you buy and after like two washed the images that used to be on them vanish. So now everything is nice and neat in the basket – and the back part is filled with folded dresses and skirts. When I buy some new underwear though I will be throwing some more out.

After that fun I went through my bra basket. In the back of this basket I keep tank tops. I didn’t have to get rid of any bras because I just did that maybe two months ago. I had a bad habit of taking my bra off and laying it somewhere and not being able to find it – now I can them all of them. Ha ha! I have maybe six bras but I only have two that I really wear, they’re just comfortable and well if I’m just going to the store for a few I don’t want to be uncomfortable…heck half the time when I’m just running out for something I don’t even wear a bra.

My sock basket was the biggest…headache. >_< I didn’t really get rid of any socks but I was able to match a few of them up to their mates. When I was finished I realized I had over 20 socks with no mates! What the hell?! Not only that but my favorite pair of socks is now just one sock. >_< I’m hoping it’s under my bed or some stupid place. I did notice I need a new pair of fishnets, mine are just so old and you can tell.

I even cleaned at bit at the foot of my bed. There’s not really a lot I can do to the foot of my bed because all of my books are on the floor there, not only that but my basket of costumes are there too. I’m really scared to pull all of that out to start cleaning.

I have a nightstand there that has my stereo on it…that thing scares me. I know there’s a load of things in the nightstand. I guess the one good thing is once I get inside the nightstand cleaned I’ll be able to fit a few of my books in there.

Nail Polish

Tonight I did go through my nail polish. I got rid of at least 20 bottles of nail polish. I also go rid of expired bath stuff. I can’t believe what used to take up half a shelf in the bathroom now takes up like 1/4!

I did take a break from cleaning tonight to watch the new episode of Supernatural. That also means I made myself junk food.


Okay, I know fries are not really junk food. I have never made fries before, this was my first try at it and they turned out awesome. I made seasoned fries – which are fries with a mixture of flour and spices on them. The mixture isn’t as thick as when you bread other things, you take the mixture and water it down so it’s thin. It was so worth all the work. ^_^

Earlier this week I also started a little photo series Punk Is Pretty. It’s really just a way for me to work on lighting effects and such. I thought I’d share the first two pictures in the series. Don’t worry the first one isn’t nude, even though it looks like it. Click the images to see a larger size. ^_^

Punk Is Pretty I Punk Is Pretty II

Everyone seems to love the first image – which was natural light and zero touch ups (and zero make up). I haven’t posted the second one to my facebook yet, but I did post it on twitter.

Today I didn’t do another image for the series because I just didn’t feel like it. I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to and I’ll feel like it.

I did do another image today…(click for larger size)


This image came out of just being bored. I threw on my sweet lolita cosplay – okay really it takes me a while to put just the clothing on, not counting the wig.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Which is kind of hard to believe.

Anyways I’m not 100% set on a gift for J yet.

I had the idea to do a little photo book for him, but I want to make the book myself. That means I’d have to print the images…I have no printer. A friend suggested going to a store to print the pictures, but um I wanted to include a personal one – if you get what I mean. So basically I’m down to trying to find a friend who would be okay with me printing the pictures on their printer or a friend I completely trust to print them. I haven’t found anyone willing to print the pictures.

So this leaves me kind of…not having an idea of a gift or anything. I don’t really want to do anything huge, just something small. Ugh. I’m bad at the whole gift thing.


Blog Title: Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin

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  1. Wow… the girl above me is awfully rude… anyway,
    I love the nail polish colors – green and orange go fantastic together. I love odd color themes like that, I’ll be painting my nails blue and hot pink later with glitter omg XD

    Your photos for your Punk is Pretty set are adorable, I love your hair, too ^_^ I hope the rest of the set comes out awesome! 😀

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