Bloggers Against Bullying


Bullying happens everywhere now-a-days. We are always connected no matter where we are. Sadly bullying doesn’t stop when you leave school. You can still be a target of bullies in your adult life. The most upsetting thing is, bloggers become bullies too.

I’m an old school blogger. I was around before wordpress was around. You had to code everything yourself with little to no tutorials around. At this point in time bloggers were always willing to help each other out with whatever they needed. It was always exciting to find a new blog to read and someone new to share things with.

I miss those bloggers. The ones who were there to support you through everything and never turn their back on you for any reason.

As bloggers we need to connect on that level again, stop with the cliques and realize we’re all doing something we enjoy.

Bloggers Against Bullying is a group of bloggers who will not put up with any fellow blogger who bullies. All the blogs on the BAB list are welcoming, friendly bloggers who blog for fun. If any of the bloggers on the list are found to be bullying anywhere online they will be removed from the list without question.  Younger and younger people are coming  to bloggers and those of us who are older need to set an example for those young people.


To become part of BAB grab one of the buttons and place it on your blog – link back to this page would be great!

Drop me an email with your URL.


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Christa @ Stupid-Eyed.Net
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