Another great weekend

The weekend is over, sadly. With that said, I hope everyone had a good one.

My weekend was pretty good.

Okay, saying it was good is a lie.

It was great.

Friday afternoon I went to the park (with my mom, step dad and niece) to feed the ducks. My niece and I were both bit by a duck…I guess he was wanting the bread we had super bad. No broken skin or anything. It was more funny then anything.

After that I went to Kohl’s to spent a $10 card. I ended up getting some of those plastic bracelets ($4), yoga shorts ($4) and two pairs of tights ($1.20 each). I bought the bracelets because I wear a few of the plastic ones and my niece is always taking them, so that’s why I got them so I could replace the ones she took and she can have some of her own. The yoga shorts were bought for the pure fact of not having shorts to sleep in, I refuse to wear shorts any other time. And since it is going to start turning cold soon the tights will come in handy. I bought a pair of pink ones and a pair of orange tights. I only had to pay out of pocket like 85 cents. ^_^ Score!

The rest of the day I watched some movies and ended up taking a nap.

Jason picked me up around 10:30/11 – can’t really remember. All I know for sure is that I was happy to see him. ^_^

There’s a stupid pothole as you leave my driveway. I know it’s there, but even knowing it I had my can of soda between my legs. When we hit the hole the soda went all over me. I guess the good thing is I have no problem changing in the car and I had an extra pair of pants with me.

I met some of his friends for the first time too, I’m still shy around new people though. I think that’s something that will never change though. I mean, that’s who I am.

We all went out for drinks at this tiny little place. Reminds me of the bar that’s next to The Mr. Roboto Project. Though while walking into the bar I did have some drunk guy yell at me “Hey shorty.”. Which…killed my mood for a little bit. I don’t like when people do that, really I don’t like when drunk people do that.

This bar does pour heavy. And nearing the end of the visit to the bar I was thinking they misunderstood Jason when he ordered a half a shot of rum in a coke. Considering the bottle half of the glass seemed to be nothing but rum, I think they put a shot and a half in. I didn’t finish the drink, for fear of getting drunk and making a fool of myself. It’s still too soon for me to do something stupid like that. I was right at tipsy though.

And well even when I’ve had a drink I’m still a sucker for holding hands.

The “chicken” sandwich we shared after getting to his place did help with soaking up the booze in my belly.

I made him watch Hellraiser – for the first time, can’t believe that. It had been a while since I seen Hellraiser too. But I think the cuddling made the movie better then it really is. I had missed his cuddling.

Saturday started with sushi for lunch. It was a new place for me, and good sushi. ^_^ I love the way he says something just to make me laugh or smile, I was doing a lot of both during lunch.

We ended up at the mall after that. The mall in Canton is seriously four times the size of the one we have around here. They don’t have any open storefronts like we do in our mall. Plus they have so many more stores in there it’s not even funny.

Oh and we went to that food store up there that I love going to, for the pure fact of being able to buy things there I can eat. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I did find some awesome animal crackers.

So over the past week I was working on this goofy mix CD. You know because I’m a girl, and sometimes I’m a 12 year old girl. It took me forever to get it done because I kept questioning the songs I had picked out. I did a lot of deleting and adding…and re-adding. I did finish it Friday afternoon. Though when he dropped me off at home I did take a minute to think about giving it to him. I mean…who gives mix cds any more. And it is kind of something kids do. But music speaks more then anything else (aside from art). I did give him to him and his reaction made me smile. At first I was just going to do a digital playlist and send it to him, but the problem with that was the fact that some of the songs are not online. Sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to deal with uploading songs. So in the end the CD format won.

Lately the wifi hasn’t been connecting at all. So no more uploading to DeviantArt until I go to the coffee shop – which will be Friday. It bums me out a lot because I have been keeping up on uploading to my DA account. And a lot of my new photography was getting journal features like I used to.

Tomorrow I’m going to be fixing the background of this one painting. I don’t know what happened to it but it got dirty or something. I tried to wipe it off but that didn’t work. I’m also working on that 3inx3in canvas too. I have to get a nice solid background color, I’m just making sure the coats are totally dry before adding another. Adding a lot of wet on top of wet just means it takes forever to dry.


Talking about paintings…I finally hung up my Bluebird painting! I know it looks weird because there’s no frame, but I’m being super picky about the frame. Everything else hanging on my walls are black frames.

I’m still looking for a bank that doesn’t rape you with fees. Right now it’s the leading thing I’m trying to get worked out. Not only zero to little fees, but one that doesn’t take forever to get your ATM card to you.

I have been building up a little photo album on facebook with some items I have. Once I get the bank/paypal stuff worked out I will be looking toward getting a website, or at the least a subdomain on here. I do want to wait for domains to be on sale though if I’m going with that.

This week I’m going to bust ass to get the apron for Randi finished. She’s been waiting too long for it. I just hope she likes it. Once I do finish it I will be adding full aprons to the things people can order from me. I still have a couple crayon aprons to finish up too.

This week is just going to be an artsy crafty week for me. I can finish working on those aprons while the paint on the two canvas dry.

I also bought like half a yard of clear vinyl weeks ago…and have no clue what to do with it. 0_0

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend. I’m going to get a shower soon and get in bed. I slept until noon today, but I didn’t sleep through the night.

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