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**After the break you will find a picture of my new tattoo. All body parts are covered, but the picture is topless (breasts are covered, but there is no shirt on). I thought I would give a warning for those who find it “tasteless”**

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. It’s been hard, no lie. Even though it’s been a few weeks I still call for Odie every so often. Sometimes I still sit outside on the steps – in the fence where he would go out to use the bathroom – and cry. I plan to clean that fenced in area off and put a table and some chairs out there so I can have my own little place to hide.

I have the wood to make a marker for Odie’s grave. I’ve just been putting off painting it. I know that sounds stupid, but I don’t want to do it…I kind of hope this is just all a dream.

I honestly didn’t want to make this post so depressing, I guess I started this off wrong.

Since I don’t have Odie any more, I’ve been taking Stinky in the bathroom while I get a bath. This gives Stinky time to get a bowl of food to himself, which he likes because…he’s a pig. When he’s done eating he’ll lay on the clothes I put on the floor and sleep until I’m done – which is what Odie always did. Now the downside is every night around 9:30/10:00 Stinky finds me and cries until I get a bath. Really, every night he does it. I’ve started something bad.

Sheriff Callie

As most of you know I brought a stray cat – well a cat a lady threw from her car – home at the end of June. Well, here she is now. She even has a name: Sheriff Callie. My niece named her after a cartoon she watches. When I brought the kitten home my niece was convinced it was hers. For the most part she gets along with Stinky. She does get to Stinky sometimes though. I call Stinky my grumpy old man – that explains it all! Haha.

The 4th (August) I went to Canton to spend the night with a friend. It was something well needed. I was able to get a snap of the new statute thingie they put downtown. In case you didn’t know Canton (Ohio) is where the Football Hall Of Fame is.

"The NFL Draft, 1936"

August 04, 2015The 4th (August) also had an amazing sunset!

On the 8th (August) my mom, my niece and I went with a family friend out of town for the day to shop and eat.

August 08, 2015August 08, 2015I took this picture while we were dropping out family friend off. She does pretty much live in the country considering this is across the street from her.

While we were out of town shopping I bought my (step) nephew his birthday gift. I had to give it to him the next day because his party was that Saturday and I had to work so I would miss his party.

Early Birthday GiftI bought him one of those big dump trucks. I know he looks too small for it, but he is two (he may not get any taller). Also in the picture is Stinky and my (step) niece.

New DressI did buy myself a few things while out shopping that day. This dress being one of the items I bought. I love it!

The weather for this summer has been…odd. I’ll just say odd. haha. Even with the odd summer weather I have made a few friends who visit my window.


On the 28th I had a day off work. Yes, I had a Friday off! So what did I do? I went and got a new tattoo!

New TattooI finally got my leopard spot tattoo and I’m so in love with it. All of my tattoos have reasons behind them, meaning to me. This one is going to be a reminder to always fight for animals. We are one on this planet. My next tattoo will be in October and I’ll have the same person going it.

Tonight I bought something I’ve been waiting to buy…

My first swing dress!I’m super excited to get it in the mail! I’m just hoping the bust fits, that’s where I always have a fit issue – and well length, but length is easy to fix. I’m so in love with this dress too. ^_^

I know I haven’t been blogging like I used to, but I’m hoping to get back to it soon. Work just takes me down and makes me want to do nothing that involves anything besides bed. I suck at life right now.


  1. Sheriff Callie is a great name! And it’s lucky she found you too 🙂

    The tattoo is in such a unique place, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one there before. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much as it heals. It looks pretty neat!

  2. Hugs

    Just stay strong, okay?

    I never got to say…I love the placement of your tattoo. I never seen it in that place. It’s awesome. I’m glad it has a message behind it. Makes it more special.

  3. Sheriff Callie is super lucky to have you as her person!! 🙂 Thank goodness she found someone kind and caring like you. I hope that you’re doing okay since Odie passed away. The pain and hurt truly never leave (Socks, my childhood cat who passed on in 2012 still could make me cry), but always remember what an amazing life you gave Odie, You are a true animal lover!! <3 As for animals, the tattoo is badass! I'm in love with it! My next one is going behind my right ear, but eventually I'll be getting a bigger piece myself.

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