And His Own Sweat Smells The Best

First: Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookies!

I finally typed the recipe up and posted it. I’m also in the middle of rebuilding my recipes page so it’s kind of…wait it is a huge mess. I’m slowly making progress though, that’s the good thing.

There are a couple recipes in odd sections because I’m not sure where they should go. haha.

During this process I’ve also learned that there have been so many recipes I never had time to post! So with each section I add I’ve been typing up at least one recipe. With the section I’m working on now I have six sections left until I’m totally finished with it. And well I just can’t wait to be finished. It has taken so much time, but it’s going to be great in the end!

I want to thank everyone for having positive things to say about me sharing the ability to identify as your true self.

I joined two online dating websites, right now just to make some friends – see how things go. Well on their sites I’ve been getting a lot of hate messages asking if I’m transgender and telling me to get off the sites because they are not for “your kind of people”. A lot of the messages come from people who considering themselves “country boys”. Which also means they’re close minded hill folk.

I have nothing against the transgender community, they are the bravest people in the world.

The reason behind me being called transgender and getting hate mail is the pure fact that people are still stuck in thinking someone who is born a “female” needs to have long silky hair and show her breasts to the world.

Hair doesn’t make your gender.

And by no means am I depressed or sad over this, I find it kind of funny that people still base 90% of what they think on pictures and a black and white society. In a way I’m glad I’m getting these messages because I know a lot of people are hurt by them, I’m taking them for those people who can’t emotionally handle such hate.

Those close minded people are not going to make me grow my hair out, change how I dress, become Betty homemaker, or stick to gender roles. No thank you. I am the person I’m suppose to be,  it’s written in my D-N-A.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system I feel so much better.

The weather has been kind of nice over the past few days. The downside is, cold weather is coming back. Ugh! Why can’t winter take a vacation? Another bad thing about this weather is due to all the changing, I’m getting a damn cold. So far though I’ve been able to hold it off, but all I want to do is sleep, but I think a lot of that has to do with my sleeping problem.

My sleeping issues hasn’t change though, still having major issues falling asleep. When I finally fell asleep last night I was woke up by two things. One thing being my knee just killing me because of the weather changing again. I did take a pain killer and fell back asleep.

The second thing was a nightmare. There was a big mean dog running around outside and I heard Odie bark and made a super sad noise. I went outside to find Odie because he got out of the fence and I couldn’t find him! This dog ran up to me and grabbed the back of my coat, trying to bite me. I did find Odie and he was covered in blood. =_= I have no clue what was behind that dream, but I don’t want to have another – ever!

Since I was feeling down about the distance thing I kind of threw myself into a little Supernatural marathon. I know, it sounds totally nerdy – but it helped.

I finally finished season 4 – which has always been my favorite season. I think for the main reason of that being when they really used the angels and demons storyline. I loved that storyline. But season 4 also made me not like Sam even more – well season 9 has made me not like him again.

I started season 5, which has some great episodes. But I also know how it ends and that Lisa is part of that. Yes I’m one of the fangirls who always wished Lisa and Ben would die.

Next Saturday night I’ll be watching Lifetime. I’m not a huge fan of lifetime movies, but they’re doing one based on the happy face killer [LINK]. I’m kind of excited to see how this little movie turns out, I don’t have a lot of faith in Lifetime movies in general.

Tonight the new season of Food Court Wars [LINK] starts, yes I know I watch too much Food Network. It’s really interesting to see the ideas people have for food court stalls. Last season one of the stalls was all about having your chips on your sandwich.

Well I thought I was going to work on those pages some more but I’m going to try to take a nap. I feel like crap.


Blog Title: A Well Respected Man by The Kinks

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  1. *hugs* But you’re strong and you know it as evident here, and you didn’t allow them to break you in any way and for that I am glad. People will always ridicule the different from the norm, because they don’t understand it and like what you said, they fear it. We are who we are despite what we look like.

    It’s cheesy to say this again and admit that I believe in it, but it depends on what it is inside not the outside. I find a very caring and passionate friend of mine that is very good at crafting and sewing.

    I’m just disappointed that people still have that mindset, but I am glad you are holding strong and to who you are. We need to always be ourselves no matter what. I haven’t seen Supernatural but I would love to watch it. I just don’t have the time, but glad to hear it’s good.

    Take some time out for yourself and rest and know that you are loved and well cared for. Thanks for always being a friend.

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