A week later…

Conjunctivitis = Pinkeye

As a child it’s an easy day off school. As an adult it’s a horrible day off work and having to listen to another adult (the doctor).

I had the pleasure of having Pinkeye last Thursday. In the end they think it happened when I was trying to get an eyelash out of my eye and I scratched my eye. I went to the hospital with my eye so swelled I could hardly open it, but after sitting the ER room waiting for the doctor to look at my eye the swelling did go down. In the end I had to take last Thursday off and a week of eye drops.

My eye does feel a lot better and I can finally rub it without worrying about getting pinkeye again.

In the end, kids can keep pinkeye. I like to get paid. Honestly having that day off drove me crazy. I was SO bored all day long.


I’m also days away from getting my manager shirts!

It also means my training is coming quickly considering the shirts were already ordered. That’s the part that scares me a bit. Just the idea of going to a different store is the scary part. I’ve been told there’s nothing to worry about and no matter which store I go to they’re a bunch of great people. It just took me so long to get used to those I work with now. Also, I’m not that great around new people.

Part of the manager uniform is a scarf as well. I ordered myself a thin scarf, that’s more like a tie. It’s red and leopard print. ^_^ I’m going to order one with cats on it too.


After a lot of thinking, I’m getting a new cell phone. The super hard part of getting a new phone is wondering if I want to change service providers. I mean, I haven’t really had any issues with AT&T. It’s just the fact of going from pre-paid plans to a contract plan. I’m planning on getting the new phone either next Friday or the following Friday. It will just all depend on my research of providers. I did as my friends on facebook about who they’re with, and I think in the end I’m just going to have to look at each provider and compare prices as well as coverage.

T-Mobile is one I will not be looking at. I had it for less than a year and the reason behind that is all the issues I had. In West Virginia I had hardly any service, and that just isn’t helpful when you’re using GPS. The price was good, but it seemed like they didn’t have a lot of coverage in the areas I am a lot.

In the end I have a feeling I’m going to stick with AT&T or go with what my boyfriend has. He has awesome coverage and doesn’t seem to have any issues. AT&T does have rollover data though, which is a huge plus since I never use all of what I get.

I do have my phone picked out, no matter what provider I go with. I even ordered a case already.


A few months ago I was able to connect with a blogger I used to be connected with. I stopped talking to her due to just a bad situation I was in all the way around. My life was just horrible at the time and I just backed away from a lot of people and a lot of things I enjoyed doing. Now I am in SUCH a better place. I have a life where I am able to be ME and can do as I please. Anyways, it’s been awesome being able to re-connect.

It’s no secret that all I really do is work and my days off are days to spend with my boyfriend, meaning the friend thing is missing. So it’s nice to be able to have some of that “friend time”, even if it’s talking over facebook about blogging issues, and just general things.

I do feel bad for just backing away from everything and everything at that point in time, but in the end it was worth it because it gave me time to discover myself. Discover the true me without being controlled.

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